Looking for thoughts/advise


Thoughts? I pulled out my initial investment prior to the latest dip including a lot of my bitcoin and all of my xrp. Now I’m looking at my distribution. I like all of these projects but I have no more $ to put into crypto right now.


Dump Tron, and sell a bit of LTC for platform coins like NEO, ADA, ICON, EOS.


You will get different opinion from every person i think.
Since you are asking i will present you with mine :doge:

For me it seems like you over-diversified. Meaning you have too many coins.

I would:

  1. Trade ETH for ETC
  2. Sell trx
  3. Sell salt
  4. Sell ripple
  5. Consider buying NEO, ICX
  6. Hold more BTC


Thanks. I like seeing the different opinions.


Respectfully, are looking for advice or approval here? The reason I ask in a polite manner is there are several threads like this each week most of which offer the advice of the coins that are “featured coins” on coinpuffs.com.

As far as my opinion goes about your coins, I would dump SALT because I can’t morally be apart of the payday loan crypto version. Much like some people cant be apart of XRP cause its the banks.

I also have my doubts on IOTA, not the coin but the IOT part that has been talked about for nearly 10 years, yes its coming, but when and will amazon, google, and nvidia torch the competition?

If I had that much LTC I’d prolly cut it in half and look at BTC, NEO, or ICX. Same with ETH.


Gotcha. No I’m seriously wondering what others thoughts are and why. I feel like I’m light on BTC but just thinking XRP could rise a lot with all of the new partnerships. I guess my struggle is balancing what I believe in personally with what I think might happen in the market. Thanks for the input


I think betting on XRP is smart and I carry about the same weight in my portfolio. I also got it on the cheap so I am just waiting for 9.5 years to go by. I recently sold my bitcoin in between the dips and bought more ICX as I needed to do some tax loss harvesting since I bought in with LTC and it crashed 40%. I am heavily weighted to ICX but with their 100M in funding They aren’t going away in less than 3 years. I figured I can buy bitcoin back once the exchange rate gets more favorable toward ICX.

Theres really only 3-5 working use cases of coins right now. ICX, XRP, BTC, NEO, ETH. ETH relies on all of blockchain but newer version of ETH are coming out everyday. So I am betting on those being around after the great alt coin culling


Well, and this is what Matty was driving at I think, don’t violate yourself just to participate in a particular market or specific asset. Your ‘self’ is just as deserving of the practice of integrity as everyone else is in your circle of care. I wrote something about his on this forum somewhere that’s a little more clear and detailed. If I can find it I will DM it to you.

I think you are light on BTC because I deem it a core asset. Almost everything in this space is paired to BTC. And I am not a fan of SALT for the very same reasons Matty presented.


Ok I’m no expert just my opinion. I would dump xrp, I think it’s in a huge bubble plus all the red flags on the project like them holding 60% of coins, the affiliation with banks, the first 30,000 blocks missing from the blockchain, and many others.

People won’t like this in the pub but I think holding that much LTC is risky, as we see other currencies pop up the more useless LTC becomes. We have BTC that is the number one brand and store of value and if you want to use litecoin for fast transactions you could opt for Groestlcoin (GRS) that hands down beats LTC in almost every area except brand recognition. Why buy LTC at over $100 when you can buy GRS at a fraction of the price, it’s faster and cheaper to send. We also have new coins like Nano (xrb) that is instant and feeless, it’s still early stages but if that tech works it will sweep aside the likes of LTC GRS ect. LTC will still probably increase I would just be cautious of holding so much.

I would cut some ETH as in my opinion it’s a bubble propped up by lots of useless ICO’s that are driving up the price,

I would also swap binance for different exchange tokens like kucoin or coss where those exchanges pay a cut of the trading fees to token holders. Binance coin let’s you trade with cheaper fees and they do burn the coins but I think getting paid a portion of the fees is way better.

I would also increase the BTC holdings a little.

I’m no expert, and this is not financial advice these coins may increase 10 fold, I dont know, just a few of my thoughts.


This is solid. :+1: :+1:


OJust to add I like salt, it’s not a pay day loan platform as you have to put up your crypto assets as collateral for a fiat loan, I have even considered putting up my crypto to get a cash loan to buy a few rigs.

Example, all my money is tied up in crypto and I need a new car. I put up my btc in a smart contract and receive a loan in fiat. When I have repaid the loan I receive back the BTC at the current value. If I had sold my btc I would of lost any gains over the same period.

As much as I like it the token is a bit useless. The token is only used to buy membership, I would rather see some of the revenue split between token holders


Seems to me like the service would only be useful to the asset rich/credit poor, and I’m guessing that would be a very small subset of the population. So yeah it still seems like a predatory business model.


How so? If you are using crypto collateral against the fiat loan there is no debt. The service just allows you to have access to fiat without having to sell your crypto.

Example: I have 1 btc and the current value say is $10,000 and I need $1000 in fiat for whatever. So I take 0.1btc put it in a smart cotract and receive $1000:

Over the next 6 months I pay back the loan in full and I receive back 0.09btc(10% interest) but over the past 6 months BTC has increased to $20,000, but because I receive back my BTC I haven’t missed the gains. I now have 0.99BTC which is worth $19,800.

If I had sold 0.1BTC ($1000) instead of getting a salt loan and then wanted to buy back 6 months later, not only would I have to pay twice as much as I originally sold ($2000) I would also have missed out on a 100% return on 0.1BTC.

So I fail to see How this is a predatory business model.


I think I’d try to focus on less coins. To do so, I’d sell: LTC, SALT and TRON.
BNB should be used to have lower fees when trading on Binance.

I’d buy from the funds that get freed by selling previously mentioned:

  1. ICX (still cheap, so you can get more of it compared to NEO).
  2. EOS (same reasoning).
  3. NEO (because, NEO :slight_smile:).


If the price of BTC dips they will do a collateral call or sell your btc if you dont provide more collateral fast enough. The salt loan thread discusses this.

It is a pawnshop/payday loan. All of which are terrrbible ideas uless you are truly desperate. I would never be truly desperate.

You can also get a collaterlized loan from a bank a bank at much cheaper rates