Looking for interesting graphic design ideas for crypto merch


I have access to large scale printing of almost endless mediums (from paper, to banners to clothing, to wood and plastic etc. - all basically at cost price, and cheap, worldwide delivery)

So I’m thinking I want to do some crypto merch, just because… Why not, since it’s so accessible, right - play to your strengths ;D

I’ve thought of a few different designs, but I’d like to get others involved, so why not put it out for the crypto nation to pitch in to? :slight_smile:

If your design is chosen to be used in any way shape or form, you can set you fee in BTC or LTC, a % cut of potential resale value, or get a set amount of copies of the product, for re-sale or private use, or a combination of your choice (free market barter style ;P)

I’m not 100% sure if I’m going to re-sell or just do it for a laugh, and spread the word about Crypto a bit with gimmicky give-aways, so the fee will have to be sustainable for either model

If anyone has any funny ideas or maybe even knocked up designs you just have lying about - I’ll consider any contribution ranging from a funny and simple meme, to an elaborate Photoshop creation, touting your favourite crypto… or your least favourite, anything goes :stuck_out_tongue:

Throw me an email with your idea and I’ll respond for sure either way.

Hope to see some of you graphicly inclined crypto heads get involved, so we can get crypto in front of the eyes of as many people as possible.

I can also do bespoke orders, if you have your own idea and need a cheap supplier of printed matter, payable directly in Crypto (of course :wink: )

Get at me guys and gals - can’t wait to hear from you… :smile:


How about :btc: golf balls? :golf: