Looking for English - Korean Translator


I’m looking for English-Korean translator who is familiar with mining. The job is to translate all front pages of a website, including titles, descriptions, keywords and everything else on the page.

If you prove you’re good you can get more work like writing articles about mining.

Payment in crypto, ofc. :money_mouth_face: Please provide examples of your previous works if possible.


If you don’t find anyone here…

If you’re looking for a professional:
Try searching the translator directory on Proz.com, and look for translators who are familiar with Forex/crypto. Might not be easy, but you might find someone.

If you’re looking for someone whose mother tongue is Korean and is proficient in English:
Try Bitcointalk, it’s where most bounty programs are managed, and they often include some kind of translation. Have a look at who has translated what, and see if they seem reliable to you.

Good luck!


uhmmmm who here would be fluent in English and Korean, any ideas @john and @peter ? :rofl:


No time. But maybe @booins knows of someone who has the time


he is paying in crypto @booins ! :money_mouth_face:


sorry, don’t know anyone :grimacing:


Thanks! Looks really nice, I’ll check it out.


Thanks everyone, the offer is still relevant. Please provide examples of your work when contacting.


if you are still looking for someone, I can help you out.