Looking for ANYBODY in the Northern California area to Network with?!?



i’m a new investor/ enthusiast and i’m looking for people or groups to meetup, network, brainstorm, talk cryptocurrency and blockchain tech. im in northern california area and can meetup anywhere within about a 150 mile radius of San Francisco, Ca. you can reach me here and on Instagram @Crypto_kali


i was thinking about doing a SF/SV group here on the pub…


You’ll have to compete with the numerous Meetup.com groups in Silicon Valley/ SFO of which there are “a ton”.

@john John, let me know if you want to do a meeting out there. I have some people I’d like to visit out there. I can do a Tax presentation to start.


I would be down to attend!


I’m actually looking to make my way out to the west. I have been working on trying to make MeetUp in different cities. I keep hearing the west coast is interesting. Maybe we could work something out.


yes i’m located in Sacramento, ca and attend bi weekly meetups downtown sac near the capitol building. heres the meetup site and info if anyone would like to attend. ill be there every other monday night. thanks bitcoin meetup Sacramento ca


I’m in Stockton let’s set something up and all link up!


Nice… Lets arrange something for April maybe. Ill be at the Bitcoin Rally at the State Capital of California in Sacramento on the 7th of April @11am. Me and my bitcoin meetup group along with hundreds of other like minded people will be marching for Bitcoin Acceptance. Come join us!!!


Snap. I didn’t know so many people from the pub were these in my neck of the woods. I’m about an hour south of San Jo in Monterey