Livestream Workshop: How to "Side Project" (and Beyond)



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Hey all,

I’m a big fan of side projects because they not only allow me to experiment with new technologies and new ideas but many times these small projects can blossom into something much, much bigger.

In fact, sometimes these “side projects” (or “side hustles”) evolve into full-blown businesses! Many of them generate a significant amount of revenue!

I’ll share my process of how I start putting things together as well as examples of previous projects, many that ended up graduating to a larger venture and a few that ended in the trash bin.

I’ll also share specifics on how to determine what projects to pursue and which ones to leave behind.

We should have ample time for Q&A as well.

  • Friday, April 13th, 2018
  • 7:00am PST // 10:00am EST

As usual, it’ll be recorded for later viewing if you can’t make it! Hope to see you there!

(For all Cryptonauts+!)

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Just a reminder that this is in a few days…


Where can we catch the recording?


should be on patreon!


Negative. Posts leap from Apr8 to Apr15


What tier are you? The livestream is for Cryptonauts+


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