Liberland: A Newly Formed “Nation” Running On Cryptocurrency



Kinda weak they keep reusing a pic from Google Earth :rofl:


I guess ‘weak’ is relevent. They are not exactly the most creative crowd, which I understand as an artist. The rest of the site is decent. Im not gunna hold it against them.


I do. They need to up their game.


They get donations all the time and they could get someone to make a pretty slick homepage… They should have access to someone who can take some nice pics, or the resources to pay someone.


yea dude, agreed. I’ve been back reading their telegram, which was only started back in September. They have alot of work to do. This is no easy undertaking. Clearly, they are seeking and looking for guidance in a multitude of areas concerning the development of Liberland. I was able to get ahold of Vit Jedicka and he asked if I could connect him with Federal Judges David Miller or Russell Gould to discuss quantum grammer and how it might effect Liberland or if its even needed. I told him I would do my best to connect them both.
The point im trying to make is, Liberland is still in its infant stages of development. If Peter and John had in full swing, I have no doubts that YEN would play an intrical part in streamlining communications and social networking to sling shot Liberland forward to new heights. As far as I can tell, the Liberland community are scattered in mulitple directions as far as social networks. They have a funcional Telegram with 86 members. Their website forum looks like its being used also. Facebook the usual suspects. They are a prime example of a needed use case for imo.

I informed Vit that his Donate ‘send invitations’ needs debugged. He was very quick to respond and replied that he sent the info to his developers to check out.

This is just my initial findings after doing more research. It wasn’t long ago that Coratia was in the same situation as Liberland, fighting for recognition as a republic, but they eventually got their way and were recognized. If Liberland were not situated on disputed land, but were controlled by one or the other, I would have a problem with their claim. A likely outcome of solitary ping-pong would probably ensue, and more than likely would have already taken place long ago.


I sent 3k :pensive:
Thought its a project of Liberland itself


shit dude, are you serious? You gotta verify stuff like that. That made me hurt.


Just posted interview with Jit!


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