Liberland: A Newly Formed “Nation” Running On Cryptocurrency



One can gain Merits by:
(1) working for the development of Liberland (i.e. helping, with diplomatic, commercial or technological projects; achievements in areas such as sports, public relations, or event planning that benefit Liberland).

So how much are they giving you @peter? :stuck_out_tongue:


None. I’m staking. So I’ll be sending $5000. It’s my personal give-back to the awesome interview and awesome relationships I’m creating with the Liberland people. Plus, they support Yen. :slight_smile:


The fast track cost may become a moving target in years to come. Citizenship to established countries run ~250k USD and up.


Looking sexual!
My follow ups with their team are very encouraging! Looking forward to their success!


see yall in the bunker with vit and pete


Just FYI - from the patreon only post. Keep y’all on your toes!


Wow, this thread is a mouth full, lol. So its private ping pong in an undisclosed location for 10 years vs. potential gains from a new countries $1 crypo offering per Merit which could potentially go parabolic like BTC did in 10years.
Hmmm, I think Ill take some Merits and remain at my desk hodling till the children can divide the sand box like adults over there.


If Liberland pulls this off without anyone playing solitary pingpong in a secure location, your looking at a crypto currency that could closely rival the top 3 cryptos in the space in 5 to ten years. This isn’t just a token or some random non use case crypto. This would be a brand new currency for a new country. Thats like the second best use case to BTC imo. Just being in crypto trading shit coins like 90% of the people in here are already doing is a risk in and of its self. All we are is a bunch of risk takers, myself included.


I’m not going to continually bash it as I have aired my thoughts and some of the potential warning signs. People can invest in what ever they like but it’s not a “new country” it’s a fugazi

The only reason I’m posting in here is to warn pub members of the potential risks and even warn peter that if it turns out to be a scam, he could potentially be prosecuted too.
Hopefullypeters vid will make me think different but we will see


Your doing the right thing for the Pub my friend. Thank you for your research and diligence @RVN3i

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More than one Raven in a room could be considered a congressional morgue, lol. The message bringers.

Brave browser, thanks, Ill have to try it out later.


Lol You are right. I have been using it for a few months, it’s not bad to be honest. I know use it on all devices. Ditched google too for duck duck go.


Why Raven by the way?


I loved duck duck go when I was in elementary school. I wish i was still there. Let someone else worry abt this prison plant for me again, lol

Raven is my middle name on my birth certificate. True story.


No way that’s a cool story


The truth is always a better story.


It came in handy at the night clubs i used to work at. No one could remember my first name, but when i used my middle name, not one person forgot my name all night after drinking.


Haha so cool :sunglasses:


How about the Sky daisy? Random? Or does it mean something?