Liberland: A Newly Formed “Nation” Running On Cryptocurrency



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I’m reading here that there has been no diplomatic recognition of liberland by any other country in the United Nations. That’s seems likeenough justification that what they are doing is illegal. They are claiming to own land that they don’t and collect taxes from an imaginary country. They are also saying that citezens can have ownership of the country (that does not
Exist) and are also doing an ICO to sell you their national currency. This guy will probably be prosecuted and end up in jail.

I’m actually surprised you are backing this @peter if this fails or turns out to be a scam then your reputation will be ruined.


Croatia: Liberland has been mentioned by the Croatian Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs but publicly rejected as a joke.[60] On 29 June 2015, the Croatian Ministry of Foreign affairs said that Gornja Siga’s status is undetermined, but it is not terra nullius, and after international arbitration, it will be awarded to Croatia or Serbia, not to a third party.[40] However, in a May 2016 letter to the Croatian Interior Minister Vlaho Orepić, Croatian Minister of Foreign and European Affairs Miro Kovač referred to Liberland as “a provocative idea which has reached serious proportions” which “represents a risk to the Republic of Croatia.” The letter called for finding a solution to “remove promotion and attempts of realization of idea of Liberland”, recommending that “Ministry of the Interior, Security and Intelligence Agency (SIA), Ministry of Justice and Ministry of Foreign and European Affairs coordinate necessary measures and their actions, so that this provocative idea could be stopped.”[61] On 17 January 2017, Liberland was discussed and debated in the Croatian Parliament (Sabor) by politician Ivan Pernar of the Zivi Zid party, who claimed that Croatia should consider the recognition.[62][self-published source]
Serbia: The Serbian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has stated that Liberland does not infringe upon the border of Serbia, but the project is seen as “frivolous”.[39]
Egypt: The Egyptian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has warned people of the possibility of scams about Liberland directed at people looking for jobs abroad. “Egyptians should seek information from the Foreign Ministry rather than social media before travelling for work.”[63]
Czech Republic: The Czech Ministry of Foreign Affairs disassociated itself from the activities of Mr. Jedlička, stating it has nothing to do with them. The ministry added that “Mr. Jedlička, as well as other Czech citizens staying in the territory of Croatia or Serbia, is obliged to abide by the local legal code. The Czech Republic considers the activities of Mr. Jedlička inappropriate and potentially harmful.”[64] Through the Embassy of the Czech Republic in Zagreb, it warned that the “efforts to create some new ‘state’ have no basis in international law,” and that “in the territory of Croatia, citizens of the Czech Republic as well as other foreigners are obliged to adhere to the Croatian legal code, including the current regime on the Croatian-Serbian border. Crossing the Croatian border (i.e., the external border of the European Union) outside specified border crossings, as it is done by travelers to the so-called Liberland, is in clear violation of the code.”[65]
Poland: On 24 July 2016, 7 members of Polish Parliament (Sejm) from Kukiz’15 in cooperation with local Liberland activists asked Minister of Foreign Affairs Witold Waszczykowski when Poland would recognize the Free Republic of Liberland as an independent state,[66][self-published source] with a follow-up in August.[67] The reply was that Liberland does not meet the criteria for statehood.[68]


Interesting to Substitute “crypto currency” for each “Mr. Jedlička” in this post to give some perspective on the discontent Croatian officials see here relative to banksters today and the crypto space…:scream_cat:


I only just started really looking into this and that statement alone is almost enough to make me want a piece of it :slight_smile:

The harder the existing establishment push back - the more likely it is that something good for the people is happening.


yes it sounds great, the problem is it doesn’t exist


@RVN3i answered pretty well… Add to that that only Liberland proponents claim it’s terra nullus. No national or international body supports the claim. Because it’s not. It’s contested territory.

According to some interviews there’s tons of stuff going on in Siga, but in the description of d10e/the birthday party, they stated they would only visit Siga island in the Danube river, because visiting Siga mainland is too problematic.

All their news are about crypto conferences and such. I don’t see any diplomatic talks.

The president is pretty much a dictator (until the land is properly formed and the real government is elected). He was/is elected by a “Preparatory Committee” but there is no mention of who they are or how they are elected.

This unnamed committee decides the laws and when/if there will be a general election.

§11. The Committee shall call the first General Election whenever it deems appropriate and on whatever terms it deems appropriate so long as the Election is fair, democratic and in accordance with international standards.

No info on the cryptocurrency on the technical side. No team or anything.

All there is is the talk of a man with a wild dream.

PS. I obviously can’t have followed it longer than you @peter, since it started in '15… Dunno why but I seem to remember it as starting in '12/13ish… must be the Mandela effect :rofl:


dont get wrapped around the axle

its about 500k captive audience libertarians who might have an attach rate of 50% with proper partner roll out campaign - and it boosts your volume cuz merit trading

so thats 25% of your 1st million live users, so now what is your company worth?

its really nothing to do with the physical legitimacy of liberland


So just a speculative coin and nothing else? How long will people speculate when the “product” (country) goes nowhere? I’m hearing it’s a long term hold. Why?

Whats the MVP? A wallet?

Roadmap? “We make ICO, so you can give us money”?


That’s why he will be prosecuted.


Exactly, this just sounds like a big scam


It’s too bad you think that way.
You guys don’t have to trust me, and I don’t expect it.

But I will say. The vision is solid. The whitepaper is excellent, the purpose is grand.

Sounds like something I would build/do.
They have all the right makings for a solid long term investment.
You’d know more if you and @Crackton could see the interview with the president and more. I’ll release it to the public in 7 days. Patreons are enjoying it now.


u guys might be over your skis on this, but lets wargame and say “they” prosecute the Prez of liberland - that really won’t affect TBH …


Sounds good, looking forward to it, I hope i am wrong but for now I can only offer my opinion to pub members the same I did with with other potential scams in the past. But as always time will tell.


It’s good to be skeptical.
I would hope some weight (could) be added from the source (me). Though maybe I give myself too much credit.


That’s why I am intrigued, if anyone else’s posted this I wouldn’t give it a second look


I don’t follow any person blindly I always take my own judgement and I can only give what I know so far


I applied for Liberland citizenship on the very first day that they opened the online applications. I never got a reply back. I see you can now buy one for $10,000. Very interesting… checks bank account


whoa 10 grand to get on the Interpol watch list, what a bargain


You’re already on that list since you are in crypto.