Liberland: A Newly Formed “Nation” Running On Cryptocurrency



Thanks for the update.


I guess we’ve found one of the people sharing patreon only content :wink::cryptocape::beetconnect:


Please ask and not assume ive been sharing this out side of Pub. I have not, nor would I. It may have behoved me to be more clear in my previous post abt starting a pool. My intended audience was strickly people in the Pub. In no way shape or form have I made any public announcements abt Merits out side of this thread in the PUB. This is the only community I belong to and remain loyal too, so my apologies if you misunderstood my intention. My first troll, wonderful. Thanks man.


Excuse my dry humor, not trolling. Peter was getting annoyed about Patreon content getting out. Cheers for sharing @RavenSkyDaisy, I’m actually not a $15+ donor at this time, I wouldn’t have caught what you posted above until it went “public”.


Ok, no worries. Thank you for being diligent. Anyone going outside to the public areana with patron only material is not welcome here imo, but what can we do but be on the look out for posers. Thanks for getting back to me.


I have no idea what kind of secret shenanigans are going on in patreon, but everything in this thread is public knowledge and since you can already donate to receive metrits, there’s no point at all in trying to keep anything secret.


We were kindly asked not share patreon first videos out side the Pub on occasion. It’s a simple request by it’s creator which I am obliged to respect. Sure, this is technically public knowledge and depending on your moral compass you are free to do as you please. Some people in the thread lean more die hard, while others do not. ‘Secret shenanigans’ I think is a bit over stated. You read two posts by two individuals who misunderstood each other, and each of us have our own set of morals we follow and express differently. If we are to define the PUB as a whole based off two people having a difference of opinions, then we are missing the point of being in a community driven ecosystem where everyone has an opinion.
I understand where your coming from when you say ‘secret shenanigans’ in the Pub. Im not trying to underscore you. Some people have blown certian topics way out of proportion and have severly skewed the context. To each his/her own. This kind of nonsense in the pub is why I tend to keep my head low. Any thing you or I say, can and will be taken out of context at some point and then we either defend our selves or just say nothing. I chose to speak on my behalf. Maybe I should have said nothing at all in response. Thank you for sharing.


I didn’t mean it super seriously (“shenanigans” is one of the most unserious words I know) :stuck_out_tongue:

I understand that if you are requested to not share Patreon first stuff, you probably shouldn’t… But still… it’s not like you’re gonna move the price or make people miss out… the price is fixed and anyone can just make a donation right now.

Apart from that… Afaik there is no white paper, no tech team, no nothing… just some promises that it will be the official currency of an unoffical land. And according to some forum posts it has a fixed 1:1 ratio against USD…

Seems like a terrible hodl to me :see_no_evil:


A terrible hodl if one doesn’t consider the larger meta play here. This is why my videos for patreon are important for context. :slight_smile:


I dont know, quite possible. Im qurious to hear what peter has to say on this one.


I don’t see any larger meta play… It’s just a dream they are selling… Liberland will never be real imo.

If the border dispute is ever settled, Siga will belong to Serbia or Croatia.


Wow. I’m sorry you are missing so much context.
I’m launching my interview with the President of Liberland today on… I think that will clear up a lot of this.

Also, I became a citizen of Liberland in Feb of 2016 and have been tracking with them since then…

There is a LOT more promise to this country, crypto, and future precedents it’s setting… but then again… i never know what I’m talking about.


Well I’ve been following longer than you then…

It’s an interesting concept… But it’s just a dream / money grab me thinks


Fair. Help us understand why you think this please?
I’d really like to get a fuller perspective.


Nice response, this is why I keep my head low, lol.


I mean… If I support something. I do it on video. I do it with information and data. This helps people get fuller context and perspective as to why I’m so ignorant about things…

Give me data. Give me informed perspective. I’m willing to dialogue about the ‘merits’ of each side!

Conversation > hyperbole. Don’t tell me something sucks until we have a conversation about it.


If I ever disagree with you Peter, you can be sure I will give you context and conversation. The lack of seems to be an ongoing epidemic in this crypto space. Thanks for chiming in though; )


That’s why I love having you here. Let’s keep it positive and informed! :rocket:


Will do Captain : ).ldsjflksdjf


Do they have any Legal claim to the land and do citizens have any rights acknowledged by any other countries?