Ledger Wallet announces new desktop and mobile applications



How do you like the Chrome books I’ve been looking into getting one specifically for work stuff and crypto!?


so far its been great … Very fast and etc. I should be receiving my Nano s this week will keep you updated .


That would be awesome man thank you !


Wow just saw this and this is great!


Yes, The chrome book works great for cyrpto and the Nano s … My question is with the new updates coming will will have any issues using the chrome book with my nano in the future.


Anybody see the announcement today; release of the new Ledger platform is June 9th! I read it at the gym.
Seems like they really got on the gas for this one and there’s gonna be a monero integration for all you privacy heads? Nice.


July 9th next Monday will they release what they promised?


Did someone try the new wallet ?