Ledger Nano S for sale!


Yep! Never too safe, that’s right, I’ll build up some more paranoia once gains roll in :grin:

At the moment I have one copy of the seed stored in LA where I live and one in my mom’s place in Italy, plus I remember all of the 24 words in the sequence!


Listen, the Winklevoss twins have billions in crypto, i do not need to take my security that tight over a couple grand. Thanks, but im comfortable with the level of security that i have.

Move it along troll…


Still up for grabs!!! I am waiting for @Slime to get back to me with a TX address and his mailing address but hes taking his good ole time…

So like i said offer is still on the table!!!


Thanks to @CryptoAutomata for the reminder about coin security. :+1:

Finally getting my Trezor out of the desk drawer and into this.





“…and guarded by a Sabertooth Tiger that I was able to clone from frozen DNA that I acquired by selling half of my NEO to an unknown party, through my connections in the Chinese Black market.”