Ledger Nano S for sale!


Hey guys i accidentally ordered 2 of these when i bought mine and i dont really have a use for a second. I know these are on backorder by Ledger right now so third party stock is gettig smaller by the day.

This is Brand New in the box with plastc wrap still on it. Never been opened, never been used.

I will accept .90LTC or 20ICX and that will include free shipping to anywhere in the world!!


I think it’s important to have two Nano anyways. one to use and another as a backup stored away safely.


Still selling?

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This is the exact reason I bought two.
In case something happens with the primary one, you don’t have to wait 2 month (they are on backorder currently) to get your cryptos in and out.


I have 4 of them. I will divide my investment between them and 3 of them will go into a bank safe.


You must be holding some pretty serious amounts to go that length, i do not have a rediculous amount of coin stored. I think i can make due with one Wallet. I have it kept in a water proof hard case and that locked in a fire proof lock box. So in that, i feel comfortable that i will not need it.


I would really truly recommend at least two, no matter how safe the first one is. pay the 50 bucks or whatever for a safety deposit box at a bank and stash it there. better to be safe than sorry!


What if the fire will come first then the water? :smiley: What if your 1000 ICX will be 1 million USD?


I only have half of that but i do appreciate your concerns. And by the time its worth a million, i will buy 10 ledger nano’s when they arent sold out :joy:


But if you loose all of them not only the half of them. Ok. Your decision.


In case of the disaster like that, I’d suggest looking at CryptoSteel.


Just restore a new one with your seed?


Yes of course. But at least put the seeds away from the ledger :slight_smile: I see that we have different opinion about the security. I think it is better to divide the possibility of loss by this way. Btw it is not problem for me if you choose easier or cheaper way. I am sure you know what are you doing.


I have bought a block of land on the outskirts of the city and buried a shipping container under an enclosure filled with poisonous snakes. My Trezor is inside the shipping container which is filled with a deadly toxic gas.
I have had the recovery seed micro engraved on a tiny metal plate that I have implanted into the soft tissue of my buttocks. :rofl:

Actually both the trezor and the seed are in a drawer next to my bed. I’m off to buy a water and fireproof lock box today. :+1:


Hmmm and I thought that keeping the seeds safe was enough! Why does the device need to be safe? How do you use/update it if stored that safely?
Not too long ago I had a Trezor failing on me, I contacted the support and they sent a replacement without problems to a different location from where I purchased it and did the restore process. Piece of cake, I recovered all my assets from the other side of the world in minutes with confidence. Damn I love crypto.


You’re awesome for this response lmaooo


Thanks sir, I think the basics learned in one year into crypto are enough to make me sleep well :wink:
Always make sure you know what you’re doing though or ask here hehehe :smile:


If you only need the seeds, then why not just use a paper wallet?


if you rarely or never use a HW wallet it is kind of a paper wallet (an expensive one) but the practicality of managing the funds is much higher with overall great safety levels so far for signing transactions. Paper wallets are just fine to HODL in my opinion


you need to make a backup for each, its not really safe untill you have 8 nanos…

further you need to store them in 8 different secret locations

in case you get sick or forget about things you need one close person to know where they are

but who can you trust…