Ledger Live for ledger wallet AVAILABLE



This is exactly why we need to get away from banks. Ripple is essentially charging me a fee for holding XRP. :man_facepalming: one more reason for me to want to dump the coins at first chance.


If I had known about this, then I never would’ve moved my XRP off of the exchange.


Finally got a Ledger for my altcoins. I was able to install 8 apps, not bad.

Bitcoin Cash
Ethereum Classic

It would be perfect if I can install Zcash without uninstalling others.
The cool thing about the Ledger Live is that the portfolio tab shows all coins at once with total $ and it supports Ethereum/Ethereum Classic without using MyEtherWallet.


Wait a minute, can you actually add more coins to ledger live than you have apps for? I only have 6 coins on my ledger live because that’s all that I have on the device.


No, I was able to install 8 apps on the ledger device and add them all to the Live app.
It depends on what Coins you add to the ledger, if they are similar to Bitcoin/Ethereum, then you can add more to stack them (up to 18).


Current hardware wallets are not convenient enough to support mass adoption, storing online is also too risky for large amount of crypto.

We have created a hardware wallet that hold every quality of a mobile wallet because we understand security should not compromise convenience.

Please check out: www.ellipal.com
We believe our wallet can help mass adoption by providing a secure and easy/fast way for people to hold crypto.


“Security should not compromise convenience”…

I think you guys might have gotten that backwards!


Can you please provide more information about the company and who runs it?

I couldnt find any information on your website about Ellipal as company? Where is it registered and who is behind it? Where are the Terms of Service and the Privacy Policy?

And why are you only accepting PayPal as a payment method?