Last Chance to be a Doge Star! All Along The Doge Tower!



Oh man, that makes it even funnier! Go Doge!


I see, yes, of course – I usually type asdfasdfasdfasdf like Peter… :slight_smile:


Of course! Thanks!



I am literally sitting behind my laptop with peanut butter and a spoon in the angle of the emoji while reading your comment… :open_mouth:



Thanks Thyruz! Hope you and yours have a great weekend! :smiley:


I forgot to post a picture… here’s one of my crypto loving fam if it’s still open

Gah we need to take some new family photos. That’s kinda old.


You’re in! Any chance of some Blueberry patch pics? :smiley:



Thanks Kayla!

(extra characters for forum happiness)


Yw! Can’t wait to see what you put together! I’m sure it’ll be epic :joy:



Here goes nothing. Be sure to review the whole thing.


Great job Bitnative! Thanks and nice way to represent the dev community with the giant rack of dev books behind you. :slight_smile:



Thanks javanoverbeke!


I can’t wait to see this video! Everybody’s submitting such good stuff!




Sorry buddy my first pic was missing my other squirrel!!! U Da MAN!!!


I don’t think you’ve seen the teaser video yet Jake! :rofl:

You too @Justin_Bosak and @jcastro619!