KUCOIN took my ETH




On January 16th, 2018 I withdrew my ETH from Lykke to my KUCOIN ETH address and it has not been deposited to KUCOIN. I sent the tx to their support email (support@kucoin.com) and to date, no one has responded to my email.

I then reached out to them on FB and that was also useless. Has anyone else experienced this issue using KUCOIN? If so, was your issue resolved?

See images of FB correspondence below. (First image should be the last)


It looks like the ETH was moved from the deposit address to what looks like KuCoin’s hot wallet 13 days ago. That is the point your KuCoin account should have been credited for 0.73 ETH.
TxHash: 0xf936d23fc53416aa77a87840ef8a76917ee9510491edc15e7bef28e27f57ed10

Exchange support is notoriously slow, but ideally they would at least have a ticketing system that would track your support request. The good news is that the blockchain provides irrefutable proof of your deposit.


Thanks @qxsnap. To date no response or update from Kucoin. I guess I should consider my deposit dead.


I wouldn’t give up. It sometimes takes weeks to resolve these issues. I don’t know the best way to contact KuCoin support, but there might be some ideas on KuCoin reddit or other forums. Keep emailing every few days, and include as much information as you can, especially the TxHashes of your uncredited deposits:

0xd410e2d2086d611b17a6e1a5eb48630fe92211acdf3a2713d937158d1bcbfb3e and

Include your KuCoin account ID and ask for a tracking number for your support case. Goes without saying, but you may want to find a different exchange for your future business.