Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Whoops, I was wrong. I missed out on 20% gains by selling the Bezant quick that day instead of hodling it over the weekend. I still have the precious BTC though. I can also see Bezant booming in the next 6th months when the blockchain is more developed and when Bitcoin does its retrace, but still betting on the short BZNT until then.


Now you can buy back with 20% less Bezant. :slight_smile:


Hey, hey, hey. I have just realized… That 20% is for the people. :smiley: I could have waited, but I love to give. It was a great weekend. High Stoch RSI and high MACD all across the board now. Time to take those 20% gains and continue onward. The next few weeks will be full of more data. I like to see what is happening! I couldn’t do it by myself.


Just speculation for now but keep your :eyes: peeled


Cool video. According to my data, this is false volume in Bezant. I like Crypto Chico. However, fake news?

Ps. OmiseGo staking? Vitalik on board. Sounds amazing. 0x on Coinbase could be pretty sweet too.


i accumulated
more bznt , very cheap price. bezant is next OmiseGo




I suggest adding some noise. Let’s be active and help everyone who wants to join our train to the moon! Listing on Bithumb is a great event and its probability is very high !!!

You can post some comments in the topic BZNT on Bitcointalk


i take bithumb as a given tbh. its binance I am interested in


your data? rofl. the same data that told you to sell a few hours before the pump started?


Yes, that same data. My weekend was more important to me than the extra gains designed for the people. I didn’t really automate anything yet. You do the rofl, and I do the lmao when I make those sales. You know, like a classic war cry. I lead the charge. I start the pump so y’all can finish. You laughed, I laughed harder. I’ll laugh first, and get the last laugh. Thanks for the continued inspiration and motivation :smiley: lol I don’t have anything to prove to you anyway. If I knew two months ago what I know now everything would probably be finished already.



My Bezant has held up after these drops


Q3 report just hit the street…

That video of the Bezant blockchain looks pretty sleek and nice… very simple and great looking layout.

While at it, show some pub love, and help getting the word out there regards this Q3 report, please like and re-tweet the teams original post:



Just retweeted ! Very nice progress. :rocket::chart_with_upwards_trend:


In the demo, it shows that it uses bank or credit card to buy apps, buy why?
I thought it supposes to use crypto or BZNT, did I miss something?


It’s still in development, so i assume it will be added later on.

But you’re right for the purpose of the video, they could have had at least BZNT and even BTC on that dropdown list…


Does anyone care to share their EOY predictions/projections? End of Q1 2019 predictions/projections?


Just incredible progress! I never expected that more or less working products would demonstrate so quickly.

Truth be told, I thought it was a game for several years. But if such progress is folded with a listing on a large stock exchange - it’s just an explosion in the pants.:partying_face:


My prediction is $ 0.4 at the end / beginning of the year.