Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



It’s almost like they’re preparing for an influx of Korean visitors. As @escalade0709 noticed, that logo is no accident.


Trying to send some BZNT to hardware wallet.
I tried it a few times with the correct Eth address, but nothing going thru, coins didn’t move.

Not familiar with this stupid gas thing in MyEtherWallet, not very intuitive.
What should I put in for the Gas Limit, and how much does it cost me to send? Thanks!



You need some ETH in that wallet. Buy some Ethereum or transfer some you already hold to your wallet address. You need about $0.05 USD in ETH for a successful transaction according to the site below.

All the gas and stuff is pre-filled by default on MEW at a level high enough to ensure quicker transactions over cheap transactions. You can pinch pennies by using this https://ethgasstation.info to determine the going rate for transactions today. If you’re finding MEW hard to use, I’d just stick with the default gas settings.


It should autofill with the minimum gas amount required for the time you are about to send.

I have noted, that the autofill will not work if you happend to have some addblock extensions etc. running in your browser.

I can recommend checking the ETH gas station, as this will show current prices needed -> https://ethgasstation.info/calculatorTxV.php

EDIT: too slow, haha :sunglasses:


We can never be too helpful. :smiley:
The whole process is cumbersome, ERC20 tokens are a pain in the butt.


bane of my fucking life bud. time for eth and erc20 to move over


Yo yo yo yo yoooo! Just popping in to say hey and I’m happy to see we are all still helping each other, building, sharpening our minds and skills!

Yaw, not too too hard, but IRC should be the new ERC, IMHO. HEHEHE. HAHAHA. LOL. SRSLY.

Crypto kitties crashed ETH network? But somehow Brave browser runs? I don’t get it. I think ICX is better than ETH for environmental, sociological and geopolitical reasons, kinda silly, but probably better tech too.


will try to add some Eth and try again, thanks :-):grin:


give us an update when you get it sorted
i’m sure you’ll be back to curse us out if it doesn’t work :pdealwithit:


Yes, it worked, thank you. :blush:


Anyone heard of contentos.io?
Another content platform, similar to Bezant? Looks like they have a working product.
Many crypto big players like NEO, Binance invested in it.


Received airdrop tokens today.


Yeah me too, Looks like people been selling, down 11%


their loss! :slight_smile: Bezant lifestyle!


I forgot I had Bezant from ICO :joy:

Now I remember I’m drowning


Stay strong my brudda


LOL, yeah I’m bleeding so much from all my Altcoins, BZNT is the last of my worries.


same here. got in at ico. But been buying on the way down and got community drop. So cost average is right down.


Im pretty sure Bezant will gain traction in the late 2018 going into 2019… we know for a fact that the team is aiming for a top10 exchange launch end of the year… and mainnet is going live in Q1 2019…

Until then im hoping to get my total bagsize of Bezant close to my target… great entry price for DCA into Bezant. :bezant::bezant:


Since I gave y’all the signal and y’all didn’t appreciate it I have practiced stenography since then and bought back twice as much BZNT, plus about 25% more on top of that. I sold them all again too. Sometimes I don’t know if I’m up or down, I try to calculate it all, and then I just keep going. I’m definitely up right now. From one pub member to another, I would give you free financial advice to sell. You know, like trading view does, except BZNT isn’t listed on the main site yet. Don’t take my word for it though. Keep hodling if you want. I love the coffee, and power converter from the Blockchain Conference. I really want one of those collared shirts with the Bezant symbol on it :smiley: The presentations, sponsorship, customer service and interviews have been good. I have enjoyed the community events as well. I am really looking forward to real user stories in the future Bezant marketplace. I appreciate the airdrop and I am hodling it. Looking forward to buying more Bezant in the new year :slight_smile: Please consider what has happened in the last two and half months, and plan accordingly. Follow the Bitcoin dominance. Let’s regroup for Bezant in 2019.