Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Agreed. I just can’t understand all the salt in this bear market. It’s a bear market. It is what it is. And it will eventually change. In the meantime…huzzah…so many things are shite. Until they aren’t. :money_mouth_face:


Im actually more bullish on Bezant now than at the time i bought my pre-sale coins…

Doing blogs and researching the details of the project during the campaign drop has given me a much more solid confidence about Bezant.

It’s an amazing entry point at the current price, im still filling small amounts now and then, to get my average price down.



I guess I just don’t see the point in the token or how there will be any significant demand for it. It’s like Peter said in his interview with the guy from the team, it seems like the token is an afterthought of the appstore/payment solution that was the original vision. I think that’s a generous appraisal. One could envisage a scenario in which the team cynically runs an ICO to raise as much funds as possible to funnel toward their real goal. Not saying that’s what happened but it also isn’t beyond the realms of possibility.

Yes, all coins are down in this market, but I think that such a time provides an opportunity to look at things in a more objective light than in a bull run. Why should BZNT be worth more than $0.01? Why should it even be worth $0.01? The same is true of any coin too; I look back at ICON and wonder what the hell I was thinking buying at $8 when it seems to be objectively closer in value to $0.08 than $8.


This could be said about every single ‘‘token’’ out there - literally EVERY SINGLE ONE. Currencies have their usage and you have to remember a lot of these ‘‘tokens’’ are also used as currencies. BZNT, ETH, OMG, NEO etc. are all used as a utility token but also as a currency.

There are blockchain projects that aren’t tokenised but we don’t hear about them because there’s ‘‘nothing in it for us’’. Every project states their token have a use case and it’s a vital piece to making the whole thing work.

True, again it’s all speculation at the moment. If a project can gain adoption for their project then that’s where the demand for their tokens will come from.

Yeah I’m sure there’s a big element of that in their intention but like Oh said, they wanted to bring it public and build a community around the project. Jehmi is the first service offering on the Bezant blockchain platform but there will be more. Soon we will get more info on this.

You answer your own question here with:

At the moment the market decides how much something is worth until their is demand for it then it’ll have it’s true value. Same with every coin/token out there.

Again, I go back to what I said before. We all made a judgment call based on the information we had at that time and I have no regrets.


@Duttydirtz, outstanding work on the rebuttal.


I love the quality of the arguments from both sides


Right - which rather makes my point for me. There was no insane amount of FOMO for every single token released. There was for BZNT. And it’s this FOMO that I believe, in hindsight, was unjustified.

I think that it is fair to say that it was the people involved in the team who were the reason Pubbers were going in big, rather than any features or the game-changing nature of the coin itself. If this were put together by a team of unknowns, it would be barely on anyone’s radar. I think that in the future, largely because of BZNT, investors will be more careful about the needs / use-case / features of the coin rather than who is behind it. And that is of course a good thing.

And maybe I’m wrong and BZNT pulls a moon-shot. Fingers crossed for those of you in bigly.


You are indeed correct. You have to also consider why there was FOMO for Bezant and not other projects. Bezant came onto the scene April 21st the exact time many felt the market was moving in the right direction. Bitcoin was approaching $9k and ICX had gone up 100% in the last week prior to nearly $4 - safe to say we hoped sentiment was getting better and the market was finally turning bull again. Bezant had a great team, a partnership with ICON and a few of their advisors were top dogs at ICON. Then you had Daesik of the infamous Bithumb as one of the leaders! Those are some big boxes ticked in my eyes and given the market movements and details of the team, I think the FOMO and Hype was justified.

Hindsight provides perfect vision and of course we could use hindsight in just about every area of our lives. Yes, clearly If I knew the price of BZNT would go below ICO price then I would have waited - everyone would have but we don’t have a time machine and hindsight doesn’t help change what has happened!

I think this is extremely unfair because once again you are looking at the price of the token and implying the project is failing. The team at Bezant have done nothing to make me think they are failing or behind in anyway - in fact, as I have got to know them well, my faith in them is stronger than ever. The project aren’t there to control the price, the market sets it and as you can tell since they ICO’d virtually every single project old or new have lost significant value of their token e.g Ether was $700!!!

I feel you man, trust me I feel you. I have lost a lot from my portfolio and I too want things to change and prices to go up. I don’t blame anyone, not even myself because I acted based on the information I had at that time and if I replayed the past I’d probably do the same 99% of the time.

We throw our hard earned cash, our faith, hopes and dreams at the projects we feel could deliver on the end result we desire. I feel Bezant is one of them.


still bullish. fegfdewufid


Good work coming first on the airdrop man! :ok_hand:


Congrats to all that participated in the Bezant connu it drop campaign. I’ll do a post in the pub giveaway thread for details on how to claim your additional tokens.

@stu represented the pub in style by coming first followed closely by @BulletEyeDK. Well done both for embracing the campaign and writing up some high quality blogs!


Sorry, dirtz but your argument of “The team at Bezant have done nothing to make me think they are failing or behind in anyway” makes no sense

The liquidity issue of BEZANT is clear failing of the team. it’s the teams job to ensure that the token is listed on exchanges we can trust well and use without fear. Bibox isnt enough, come on.

Daesik is well connected and should be able to deliver on more than this if he really was working hard


Yes bibox isnt enough. Yes there is not alot of liquidity. However that is not part of the order of the plan.

  1. Create product
  2. Promote product
  3. List on exchanges - creating liquidity.

The team wish to make the most of listing. As such it makes sense to have as much of the project completed as possible and to time the listings with money being thrown around. Right now is deffo not the time


Was gonna say they only just done the community airdrop, so will be a bit of time before it gets listed on more exchanges


List on good exchanges probably doesn’t make it fly during a bear market.
Many other good projects/coins have gone down 90+% and many are listed on Binance.
If the team can build a good product and can deliver it on time, price will follow when bull market starts.


bznt doesn’t need to fly, we just want some liquidity so we can trade


This is a bit of an unfair statement.
One of the criteria we use to asses the validity of a crypt is, in fact, the team behind it and their credentials.
Note that i havent gone in at all.
Its at a penny now, so nows a good of a time as ever.


Yep, fully agree. Cardano being a prime example.


In difficult times like bear markets I always like to remind myself to keep my mind “value-orientated” rather “price-ortientated”.

This is not only true for Bezant but every project that I believe in. Do I believe the project has value? Yes? Then I don’t care what the price is short term. The price will reflect itself as the project unfolds its entire potentials.


We going back up again :slight_smile: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/bezant/