Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



It seems Bezant still needs a lot of exposure, there is still many people that don’t know of this project, so get the word out there… :raised_hands:

It’s a pretty good entry point at the moment


The company should market their product.
Theyve got millions already.


Indeed they should - let’s hope they got something planned… i think so :bezant::bezant:


I asked Erica from KryptoSeoul about Bezant in her stream. Would be great if she can get in touch with the team for a interview.

She it mentioning Bezant at around 22 min. https://youtu.be/p_TDazqC1IY


anyone new to bezant please see my blogs. may help a bit.



My most recent blog - going through all the Bezant details from Gamescom 2018, if you missed some of that, you might find value in this :bezant::bezant:
Bezant at Gamescom 2018


Looks like this thread is dead now? Buzz dead etc etc? Bezant team seems way too quite for this small run that we’ve had so far too… what’s going on?


Anyone ever considered that Sovrin could also be announced as a partner? They are partnered with IBM and Bezant seeks to allow enterprise customers to use its platform for identity verification. Just a thought.


Up 24%, I’m in this thread every day :slight_smile:


w000 rollercoaster and back to 2%+ again hehe


it was caused by bots on Fatbtc hahaha


Should I strap in and hope we don’t hit zero on this… Man my ICO bags are lead weights


Yeah, those fatbtc bots playing around…

Im checking this thread daily - the buzz and hype will recover later this year im pretty sure the team has some nice stuff coming our way.

A major exchange on the horizon when the market maybe have got more steam than now, this could turn out well…

But i have to say, i hate the low liquidity issue, and that bot’s mess around so much with the price, would be awesome if CMC could disable fatbtc bznt/eth in their calculations just as bigger korean exchanges is excluded from other calculations…

I hope the team will do what’s needed to solve this matter :bezant::bezant:


Im actually filling small bags now and then… price is pretty nice and it’s never a bad idea to cost average


This thread is quiet but I think we all just waiting


community drop 1 completed. wonder what is next?


I come here in peace friends! However, I feel like something needs to be said about this thread that was once at the top of the activity on the pub and has now fizzled out to barely 1 post per day.

The FOMO for this coin was huge, and I was mighty pissed off at myself for missing out on the golden ‘opportunity’ of the ICO. I was even considering seriously going in big at $0.13-$0.20. The coin now sits at around 25% of its ICO price; something unimaginable mere months ago. In other words. BZNT hodlers who bought in at ICO need 4x returns to break even.

BZNT for me will go down in the history of the pub as a classic example of mass delusion and the psychology of crowds. As I sit and self-reflect, I can see that my original FOMO was based on little more than the exuberance of others to jump “all in” on this “incredible chance”. I was the same with ICON; sinking $10k into it at $8 based on the ecstasy and “sure thing” returns. A lot of people got burned by ICON like me, but that chain at least has a future: in my opinion, BZNT does not. Even the most ardent Bezanter must acknowledge that the token economics in play here are highly speculative and, based on the odds, are unlikely to play out long term.

I understand that this post is likely to be inflammatory, but this has been something on my mind for a while now at the pub, and I have the feeling that many have thought the same but haven’t explicitly said so. I’d love to be proved wrong. I’d love everyone here to get filthy rich. But, as I said, I feel that BZNT may go down in folklore for all the wrong reasons.


I think you have a point around mass hype however like any project before, we all made our decision based on the information we had at that time. No one would say icx at $8 was a bad call as at that moment we felt it was good value based on our opinion that it’ll go up further.

Why do you not think Bezant has a future? The price of a token in this bear market shouldn’t determine if the project will be a success or not. Liquidity has been a huge issue and the team are aware and will be addressing this. I sold ICX to fund my Bezant and that has still held up better than ICX at the time I sold it.

I really do think its one of those things. I love ICON as you know but I have gotten to know the Bezant project in so much more detail given how young they are and I firmly believe they will do what they set out. We invested based on their vision and I have no reason to think anything has changed since then.

Be interested to know why you think different.


Can’t be too upset in a bear market. Micro caps are micro caps, until they aren’t.