Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Yeah i agree, there is litterally no volume, if you remove the bot trading at fatbtc - i guess the most people are out of fiat for buying even at these prices…


I think the market is just dead ATM. Everyone is waiting for someone else to do something.


Yeah you’re right about that…


Seems the bezant team had a good gamescom event


Has the Bezant team entered the Binance coin of the month competition for a free listing?


Not ready for binance yet… Patience


just because you are not ready doesn’t mean the rest of the world isnt



Not me. I’m happy for whenever. I just don’t think the timing is right


Official Bezant Announcement Channel
Telegram announcement

Hello Bezant Community,

Some great news as we head into September. In our effort to accelerate innovation cycles for global businesses and transformation of digital content distribution, we are excited to announce that Bezant is officially a member of Hyperledger and also Linux Foundation, joining a community that also shares this vision.

Hyperledger is an open source collaborative effort created to advance cross-industry blockchain technologies, hosted by The Linux Foundation.

Building things that make a real difference has always been our priority. Together with the Hyperledger community, we look forward to accelerating the development and adoption of blockchain technology in all industries, especially in emerging markets.

To learn more, read Hyperledger’s official press release here:

Medium Article : https://medium.com/bezant/bezant-is-now-a-member-of-the-hyperledger-and-linux-foundation-4b8b7566ab95




Just finished the translation. I apologise in advance if there are any mistakes.

The interviewer: I am going to interview Oh whom is the CSO of Bezant.

Oh: I’m oh, the chief strategy of Bezant.

The interviewer: Could you explain what Bezant is doing? What issues are you going to solve?

Oh: Firstly, we (Bezant) call ourselves a Blockchain Asset service so basically Bezant team is building their own blockchain. Hence if there is any company wants to develop Dapps or to issue a token, they can use our platform.

The interviewer: Is bezant on any platform or what framework are you using?

Oh: It’s a good question. Since we’ve decided to build our blockchain, we want to use the open source framework which is Hyperledger. For anyone who doesn’t know what Hyperledger is, well it is an open source framework that is backed by the Linux Foundation, IBM, and many big companies. And the reason that we use Hyperledger is that it has a community and the framework has been developed to some extent.

The interviewer: What state Bezant is on right now? Is it pre-sale, ICO or already released the token?

Oh: We cancelled the main sale. For pre-sale, it was done in an hour, and the cap was around 16.8 million dollars, so we had a bonus round. For bonus round was 4 million USD and finished in 5 minutes, so we were entitled as a fastest ICO from Asia in 2018.

The interviewer: Is Bezant similar to any other projects; if so, could you tell me how Bezant is better than the competitors?

Oh: Let’s talk about if there is any similar project first. A project that has always been compared with us is OmiseGo. And I believe that the reason why we are compared to them is that their team have people from Thailand, and OmiseGo is also involved with the payment stuff so there must be some overlaps. And I think that the competitors are great for the market because it keeps pushing and encouraging us to develop ourselves. Nevertheless, the significant difference between OmiseGo and us is that OmiseGo is using Ethereum blockchain, but we’re not.

The interviewer: Today, Bezant is trading on Bibox, Hotbit, Fatbtc. Do you have any plan to be on any other exchange in the future?

Oh: Right now Bibox is the only official partner, but the rest listed the token themselves since BZNT is now ERC-20 token so anyone can buy or sell. I cannot answer which exchange will be the next at this point, but we are trying to get the partnership with top 10 or 20 exchanges only.

The interviewer: What’s your plan for the token circulating supply?

Oh: Bezant has 1 billion BZNT, and during the pre-sale, there were about 200 million BZNT, but most of them were locked. So for the daily transaction is still around 1-2 million USD. We won’t see lots of BZNT in the market at least in the next 3-6 months.

The interviewer: Do you have any incentive model to attract investors and speculators to buy BZNT on the exchanges?

Oh: I think that depends on our partner, for example, Bibox had discussed their strategies, and we cooperated with them to create the campaign etc.

(Please allow me to skip this part, it’s not very important)

The interviewer: Bezant is based in Korea but why do you want to hit the Thai market?

Oh: Bezant company was registered in Singapore, but the IT crews mostly come from Korea. Some of them come from Kakao, Line, eBay Korea. Also out CTO is the creator of Kakao Pay hence he is pretty well known. Even though our backgrounds are mostly from Korea and Singapore, we have lots of connections and experience from Thailand, so we think it is faster to start in Thailand and also Vietnam.

The interviewer: If we talk about Bezant in Thailand, and Bezant is a Blockchain asset service. So let’s say if there is a company that wants to use Bezant, why would they choose Bezant over Amazon AWS?

Oh: I think Amazon AWS is not a direct competitor to us, so I can’t answer that. But if you compare Bezant with OmiseGo, we will be able to provide features to our platform since we own the blockchain, and secondly, we will have an office in Thailand, and we are waiting for BOI, so we will be able to provide the local service directly.


Yoooo Kob Khun Krub for the translation my man!



Great work there!! thanks


Guys, lets give this recent blog from Bezant regarding the IBM announcement some love, it deserves some claps!! :bezant::bezant:


Yeah we need more exchanges, liquidity is pretty low…
Actually it’s pretty exiting, that Oh states that they are only trying to launch on top20 exchanges - i’ve just seen this chart today, in an article that points out that some top exchanges report more volume than they actually have…

It makes a difference in the listing of the top20 exchanges…, where ex. “Okex” is way off their volume like a couple of others, so just a head’s up to the team, when digging through the exchange volumes, please go big, but don’t look to “Okex” as their volume is thin air :bezant::bezant:

EDIT: and Bibox is not on the list for top25 :zipper_mouth_face:


@Duttydirtz @BulletEyeDK A little bit late but I’m glad that you guys found it useful!

That’s actually a great point. I assume (optimistically) that Oh meant the next exchanges but not including Bibox


How come this is not HUGE news and the market did not respond??


It’s a truly hidden gem! More Exchanges will come which will bring liquidity and exposure.

Even better partnerships coming soon ish