Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



They do get an url. Find them in your retweets section.


exactly… just the same as reporting your own tweets


Any pub’ers that did participate in the private-sale ?

I would love to know how many BZNT one would get for 1 eth, and what the pegged USD value of eth was… this was a hard question for crowdcreate as he only had the basic information, from the website… :bezant::bezant:


Private sale I believe was same price but a 60 percent bonus.


Yeah, i know about the bonus being 60% but the eth price back in february was around $840-$940 the days leading up to the private sale, so i guess the price must have been higher than pre-sale price?

Eth price at pre-sale was pegged to $635,42


So i managed to calculate the private-sale numbers from the total amount details on the website, and some total eth numbers i got from crowdcreate…
I hope this is correct :sunglasses:

If you are interested in some token metrics, i’ve made a try of breaking the numbers down… find that blog here -> https://medium.com/@bulleteyedk/breaking-down-the-token-metrics-of-bezant-1f1ef7d6e3f


i wish i could put stuff like that together. I just dont have the head for it all!

I just done a recap overview blog for those that dont want to read all 4 of the others (different subject matter)


Bezant is headed to Gamescom, let’s hope for some exiting news from this trip


whooppa another 20% down, 2 cents now, 75% discount from ICO price


What the hell happened?
everything else is following bitcoin!


yoo need to remember that the price shown on CMC is an average price of the exchanges that CMC gets their price from, that being said - fatbtc’s volume is almost 100% driven by bots, and at the moment HarrydV posted i saw the price at fatbtc being approx $0,017 so automaticly the average price is driven down by that…

the price is easily manipulated since the volume is so low…


im gonna move some cash around to get some 2c action!


no trading volume so if one person buys or sells it can go up or down bigly


The pre sale tokens should be released btw in the upcoming weeks (Sept)


no, i think you are wrong on that one… please see this blog i did a couple of days back…
I also had that assumption, but when i digged through the blockchain transactions the private-sale tokens were released on May 1st 2018… as to why they are locked up until October 28 2018…


new blog if anyone interested. Please feedback that I have the correct understanding of all this techie stuff


@Stu “happy” should be “happen”. Pet hate of mine, writers that don’t read what they have written :slight_smile:


Ok cool, hope that doesn’t delay another exchange as well


I did re read twice but its not my forte. Thank you so much . honestly. I’ll go edit now


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