Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Yoooo that’s my main man right there! He’s speaking Thai… I speak Thai too :wink: well I moved to England when I was 8 so I speak up to an 8 year old level.

I will attempt to translate as much as I can



The second video is in Thai, and Oh is Thai.
I could do some translation but I’m still in france


Do it for us brother!

@Isukanda001 How’s your Thai?


Can do that for sure. I’m on the cellular right now, so I can’t guarantee that I’ll be able to finish it soon. However, I skimmed for 4 mins and what Oh said was about what Bezant is like and then the boy asked why it is better than the competitor (and it’s OMG of course). And Oh replied how BZNT is better than OMG. Anyway, that’s my sneak peek hahaha


I listened but it was hard for me to hear bc of all the background noise.


Hi guys.

Crypto Addict is one of the crypto-centric new media in Thailand. Below is livestream they ran Aug 15 to ask their community questions about Bezant with the chance to win Bezant’s swag (which we gave them when they came by our booth). These questions are tied to the brief interviewed they did with us at Beyond Block in Seoul so it’s a nice way of following-up and ensuring their audience retain key info about Bezant. Please help like and comment and let them know you’re from the Pub. Thanks guys.


let me know what you think. IM struggling for content.


w00t, tnx y’all 130 ish followers on twitter, lets do this



Just published a new blog, feel free to re-tweet if you need points in the community drop :bezant::bezant:


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I am very impressed with your articles buddy. I hope you do very well out of this. Make sure to participate in the tg a lot so you stand a good chance for the next community airdrop :wink:


Appreciate that, thanks… I think im also running out of steam with the blogs, i have one in my drafts, but it’s nowhere near completion, haha…

I for sure will participate in the TG, been talking on/off with some of the crowdcreate guys, and answering some newbie questions… you know what’s in sight for the next community airdrop? :bezant:

You are an excellent ambassador for Bezant and also the pub… did you succeed in getting som ICX peeps to join the bezant TG ? or looking into the project :+1:


I don’t have much more information mate but the whole point of these campaigns is to get more exposure to Bezant and increase community engagement.

Some ICON peeps joined in the end… After about 20 minutes fighting some FUDster that was still salty about missing the presale. I reminded him the price is under ico and he quickly shut up, I think he went to buy some BZNT


retweeting your stuff as a madman as well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So 2 youtubers in the books right? peter and chico, who is next and when?


thanks :+1:

I’ve been re-tweeting like mad also today, as there was a lot of original bezant tweets that needed a re-tweet ~ free points…


how do you report the retweets?


Click your tweet and grab the url.


tweets i can grab the url, i was referring to retweets, they don’t get a url right?