Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



To compare, i can tell you that on Aug. 6th, the day before launch of the campaign drop, there was 1928 bezant wallets, so only 53 new adresses since… not much compared to the massive amount of new people getting in the TG group…



Fantastic dude. Do we need to do anything to sign up for the extra ? And is it any pub member that is patron ?


No you don’t need to do anything just follow their campaign instructions.

No as I wrote this is open to all pub members


why he write bithump with a p, while it is with a b, you’d expect the founder of the company to at least be able to write the company name correctly :slight_smile:


I’ve seen bithump before when translated from Korean


ahh thats funny, i had not seen that error… i know it’s with a b and not a p… will correct this asap, thanks for letting me know :joy::joy:


Any once fancy selling me some for 1c today :wink: can’t help but buy more at this price


what do you guys think?


and another written in a slightly different angle ( or so i tried).


@Stu I was under the impression that it was limited to one tweet per day. That being in addition to the 7 retweets. Maybe they will drop you down the leaderboard in due course which I think they have done with others.


I’m going to double check with admin


a bit leftfield. Bezant in the future. I did this one especially for @Duttydirtz


Chico Crypto will be giving some Bezant away on a youtube livestream later today… you might want to catch that livestream ??


Damn these Americans always streaming in the middle of the night… For us Brits :cry:


Yeah, also way too late for me…


The livestream went very well. A lot of engagements/conversation. He said some really positive things about Bezant.

Tyler (Chico Crypto) said that he’s been getting a lot of DM from his followers to get more info on Bezant. Unfortunately, his video got taken down for music copyright infringement.

He’d send the video to his editor to edit out the sound and will repost in a day hopefully. Unfortunately, the video will be reset to zero which is a shame seeing he got over 1k views from the livestream session alone. That’s my DL on it.



Thanks for the update, a shame on the copyright issue… i did not see the livefeed, so wanted to see it now, let’s hope the edited version goes live…


will ahving a pre record or livestream make any difference to viewing figures?


Seems like the community campaign is getting the bezant name spread…

Im unsure if this video is chinese, but an Asian youtuber is giving Bezant some love :bezant::bezant:

He starts looking at bezant website at around 3:55 mins

There is also an Interview with Oh from Beyond Blocks, but it’s in some Asian language… maybe someone from the pub can translate to english?