Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



WTF is going on with BZNT? Guys dumping it on the exchange for science bullshit. Has it become Shitconnect? Watcha gonna do?

Is it time to dump this shit for a Shitcoin with volume like Tron? Rhetorical question.

I got in on ICO price, was gambling to get a 20% return, looks like I missed that boat. I guess the loss is good for my tax return.



“…For the good people of thebitcoin.pub and patreon…” !

What are you a Robin Hood ?!

If this BZNT P&D is for good people of thebitcoin.pub I expect you to share your BZNT P&D earnings with this community.


Is that what is going on on Patreon Discord now? Reduced to P&D channel? This is turning thebitcoin.pub to theshitcoin.pub


Guys, if you don’t like it here, nobody is gonna hold you. The log out button is up there.

Let the people play with the market until the volume picks up. Geez…


Let the people play with “weak hands” until the volume picks up. This is what you are trying to say?

I thought this community is to help those “weak hands” (who are probably part of this community) Geez…


Awww, guys! My bad, I guess I could have worded that better. Y’all missed the voice chat and I don’t think I’ve ever really been in a pump and dump… I was saying I just think its an interesting concept from an econometrics point of view with this low volume. We are all here to learn. I have only been investing in cryptos for one year and I’m still learning a lot. We are all here to help each other, at least that is what I have gathered over the last year. The community is great. BTC is on an upward trend so the alts are naturally having a hard time. I’m just saying, if you sell some, you can buy back cheaper. Also, this platform has a great vision, so the more affordable the product before all of the value is even delivered the better that is for the population at large, and also this community as well. Think about it, there are only 5000 people in that Telegram chat. Someone said the price change attracts moonboys? I love me some Bezant though! Thus far they have fed people, served delicious coffee, sponsored numerous monumental blockchain events, they have a talented team, they gave away travel power converters, and they have a strategic network for effective long term growth. They are even giving us 180k BZNT! We all knew this was a long term play. Q1 Let’s stick in it for the long haul. It is okay if people buy and sell along the way. I thought we were a community? We can agree, or agree to disagree. So, that is good that we are able to communicate more here, in Patreon, Discord, Telegram for whatever reason. I guess this is when I should just mention game theory. https://www.investopedia.com/terms/g/gametheory.asp I see “DO NOT SELL” memes and that is okay with me too. To each their own. I bought my tokens. I can sell my tokens whenever I want too. Lol. You can do the same! :slight_smile:

Ps. Join us in the Discord chat and tell me exactly what you expect me to share with this community. :smiley: I’m a Patreon, bro :kissing_heart: Day 1 hehehe


Remember if you sell with the intention of buying back in at a lower price, you will need someone to sell to you at that lower price! Your last science experiment took the price down to 1.6cents which bounced to 4.5 straight after.


Just wait until Yen comes out and see how thats going to move the needle on any coin… this is just an experiment and we can see first hand how one person can do it

pump and dumps are going to happen it is permission-less but this was more like a dump and pump

time to take notes :writing_hand:


@FloridaWater someone is upset at you


Taking conversations out of patreon-only discord chat and sharing them here, in public, is one thing. Sharing outside the pub is another.

What can core team do, Frank? Nothing. Stop snitching, especially when you don’t understand the context. Dumping 25-100 BZNT at a time is what’s moving the needle. @FloridaWater has “spent” less than $100 in his experiment. Any project seeking to emerge from shitcoin status needs to get somewhere with volume, no excuses.


I thought he stole it from this thread ?


Anyone else pop on to clear this up ?


More work for @Duttydirtz, damage control today :construction_worker_man: to keep thebitcoin.pub’s name out of the mud.


Guys, it’s fine if one person wants to try to sell and buy back in cheaper. However lets please avoid any talk of coordinated price movement. The Pub is for sharing information, learning, and community. Let’s keep it positive. :slight_smile:

EDIT: After reading the BZNT Telegram, the situation was definitely overblown. It’s not nearly as bad I as assumed. Either way, let’s just keep things clean and avoid escalating. Thanks guys!


Although this is a permissionless environment (as many are keen to point out) the one guaranteed thing that comes from this is the negative image it has given thebitcoin.pub!

Ones intention has no relevance if its drowned out by the overwhelming negative responses we have got and will continue to get.

This is quite damaging to the relationship we have built.


Am I going to get whacked by the core team for selling my tokens? lol


I’m trying to be vocal in saying its just one guy as experiment . anyone else chimes in would be good


Gotta love these Crowdcreate guys, they do an outstanding job :rofl:


Don’t see what they have done wrong tbh.


Yes my point isn’t that John sold his tokens, the issue is how this leaked out causing a shit storm because Fudsters and weak handers do not understand.

These are the most vocal.

We also need to remember what we say can get out. John did what anyone could do but the wording of his discord post (which should have been private and not screenshot for this public thread) didn’t help.