Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Tips on getting followers ? I’m out of ideas


Look at what I wrote.

Follow all follows Bezant and icon. Pin a tweet that say please follow back.

They usually follow back.


How do you pin a tweet ? On mobile


Check out CallmeDon (@Okcsherpa): https://twitter.com/Okcsherpa?s=09
yoo. follow me… :slight_smile:



Done and done
These things never work out for me tho. I am the Eeyore of competitions



OK, but I think I have to give some sort of disclaimer on any posts I make. Which is a bummer (something the effect that I’m shilling…lol)


Do tell Bert…Do tell…


Wait and see, young Padwan. Wait and see…:pdealwithit:


Basically it involves the remaining tokens from the Pub and Bezant Patron incentive.

I am still waiting for the tokens to be distributed so we know how many we have left


Look at that spread on the price on fatbtc vs. bibox…

Anyone ever managed to sell any tokens at fatbtc at these “high” prices ?


Yea I was making good $$ off of Bezant for 2 weeks just selling on Fatbtc and buying on Hotbit. After the decline in price and Bibox offering Bezant I found Fatbtc “slowed its roll” and I wasn’t selling anything on there anymore. I haven’t tried in the last 4 weeks tho


@BulletEyeDK Did you have any luck with selling any?


No, i’ve not had any experience with fatbtc… i just remember people saying that’s it’s fake volume and nearly only bot trading, so not much luck in selling there…

I might give it a go, if others have any luck… would like to maximize my position in bezant, thanks for your input :+1:


I tried it. Absolutely no volume… I was not able to sell anything + it cost me withdrawal fee. So not very sucessful :slight_smile:


Yea that’s what I was thinking …it was good while it lasted . Hopefully more people took advantage of it at that time. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting me know… I might try and transfer a small amount just for trying it out… :bezant::bezant:


So i had to try the fatbtc exchange, and my conclusion is pretty clear.
I spend approx. 3 hours together with the fatbtc bots, there was no human activity at all…

There might have been some orders placed in the order book by humans, they remained at same level during all 3 hours.

Lowest sell price was at 0.0001560 ether
Highest bid price was at 0.0000560 ether

All other activity was driven by the bots, and price was fluctuating around as i set my sell price differently…

So i made an example setting a sell order, and cancelling it, just as the bots suddenly bought up cheaper orders…

In the example i set my sell order at 0.0000975, 20000 bezant tokens each time, and as you can see in the attached image, price tumbeled each time i made a new sell order… when i cancelled it, price just rebounded mysteriously :roll_eyes:

Do no waste any BZNT tokens sending to fatbtc, it’s just not possible to sell for the price you see in the charts, the withdraw fee is 0.3%


Thanks for proper testing! Yup, that is exactly my experience.