Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Also, for those that sent me their Ether address - please make sure you haven’t sent me an Ether address from an exchange or a wallet that does not support ERC20 tokens like exodus

Please make sure and if you have you need to send me another message otherwise your tokens WILL BE LOST

2 people have already got this wrong so please double check


Wait, exodus doesn’t support ERC20 tokens? Since when? :scream:


I believe it does not support all of the ERC-20 tokens. But you can export your private keys and go from there to MEW. Although, I would advise against that as it compromises your security. If you need it, use it once and then discard the address.


Yeah Bitvadol is correct. Please send me the correct address guys otherwise you’re going to cry


How to make a custom BZNT token balance for MEW:


The trust wallet supports it


Is there a time for the deadline? I’m headed to a funeral and won’t have time until later tonight. Thanks!


1 minute before midnight your time!

Sorry for your loss mate


MyEtherWallet is ok isn’t it?


Yes mate no problem!


Is it happening on Monday?


That’s the aim mate but just like most projects there’s always a chance of a slight delay. If that happens don’t panic!

I collect the data and it needs to be verified by two others then tokens are sent then it’s verified again by different people.

Decentralised style :wink:


Ah cool, I looked actually at getting in on the ICO for SIX but ended up going for bznt instead


Currently trading at just below ico price,


Perfect for those that missed the ICO.




Regarding the community drop campaign starting tomorrow, august 7th… the required number of twitter followers just got lowered to 100, now that part of the campaign will be a lot easier to participate in :clap:


Nice - still need about 50 more people to follow me :frowning:

Bezantians, please find it in your hearts to follow Dutty :wink:


Does that mean we have to join Twitter? Is there no like button.


There is a like button but points are rewarded for tweets. Need to have 100 followers