Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



I almost bought in to Bezant, but actually talked myself out of it at the last minute. I’m sure it’s a great project, but I find it incredibly hard to justify the investment given the other options out there (ICX, ADA, OMG, etc). In my opinion, the low market cap also makes it just too risky.

Just because I have this opinion and chose not to invest, does not mean that it’s a bad project, or that fellow pub members are making bad investments. Nor does it mean they are shilling, as it seems incredibly clear to me that many are genuinely passionate about the project.

I think it’s also important to realize that a single person made some poor decisions, and that should not reflect poorly on the pub as a whole. It may short term, but Bezant is a very small project, and the issue was very localized. Nobody will even remember this once the price rebounds.


I know what you mean man. There are so many good projects and I personally don’t have time to study them all. I will only get into the ones I feel I know.

I actually think this is one of the best times to build a wildcard portfolio, say 10 tokens worth a total of 1000 dollars. Something I’m putting together at the moment.

If it doesn’t work out I’m gonna blame the pub and cancel my Patron though :triumph:

JK I’m going nowhere!


I’ve never once blamed the pub for MY investments. I blame the pub for being like every other Reddit, or crypto forum… for being filled with overhyped when mooners that just focus on price. Many of you seem so greedy, while there are quality projects and opportunities presenting itself before your eyes. I just thought the pub would have turned out completely different in this downturn and wouldn’t resort to P&Ds… I must have missed the part in B90X where Peter teaches me how to manipulate price? @bitvadol Not once did I blame the pub for the low volume?? Patrons are literally meaning to manipulate the price.


Why do you keep rounding everyone up into one stereotype?

Patrons this, pub that! Rik, it was one person! It’s been dealt with and we have all moved on. No harm came from it. That one individual made a loss but its up to what he does with his money/tokens.

You can’t say Bezant is a shit coin or the pub has turned into a p&d or Patrons are helping pumping coins or back scratching! What you talking about? Why are we even having this shitty conversation?


And I know all of you are going to start hating because your life now depends on the pub… but instead of just hating whoever has a different opinion then you…you guys should learn from it. @Duttydirtz We are having this shitty conversation because he got CAUGHT. He actually admitted it. I can’t imagine what goes on that we do not caught. Stay frosty dutty! Hope you don’t lose too much to these angel investors! Good luck to the pub!! Long live the pub


dude, i am new to this pub and saw that experiment. but, no one got caught. that guy was honest about his experiment from the start, and truly it didnt hurt me or any other investors. chill, time will self correct the price if the tech is worth it.


That’s why I said “He actually he admitted it” smh Trying to point out that if someone doesn’t get exposed… you don’t realize you got one pulled over on you.


Rik, I’m not hating I’m just countering your argument because your entire post is full of misinformation. My life doesn’t depend on the pub but I do really like it here, through the good and the bad times.

OK you think Bezant is a shit coin fine but you can’t blame the project or the pub or Patron because of one person’s actions.

Come on Rik


You do realise all he did was sell some tokens taking the price massively down because he filled most of the buy orders right? Imagine if you can get your coin on the cheap.

People made it a bigger deal than what it was.


There is not enough volume to say anyone is pumping and dumping. Florida just dumped some and said he did. That was it. On that note when I put on tg that I was buying more due to price does that mean I’m organising a pump purely by saying I brought some … Nah . we are all out of pocket currently. Just don’t blame your own decisions on others.


Ok. I will sell all my BZNT, crushing the price to zero in the process, and put my money into the “quality project”.

Then some whiner on the Internet will call me “the price manipulatior” because I crushed the price of his/her favorite low-volume coin.

Fair enough!


Day 70 - Amateurs seek permission

Maybe his experiment failed maybe it didn’t and he got the data he was looking for with the feedback from the community

were all here to learn from each other as well

i’m not sure if you’re in Discord but no one is fixated on Price over there


Most threads on here are all about price, would like to find somewhere that talks about innovation of projects. That’s the driving factor, price increase on innovation is a natural by product


We covered that to death in the thread earlier lol


Free tokens details



Stu, can you link me to that discussion.
Im not really sold on Bezant


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Just another reminder!


Nice with some positive news to start off august…:bezant::+1: