Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



10k is good if it goes back to 20k again


buying 750 eur worth of bezant now


i feel like a thief buying at 10 cents


Rank 1362, slowly and steadily going up in the ranks :slight_smile:


Snuck a few in at .09$ yesterday! Feelin’ good about it too!


early adopters on good projects get rewarded


I can not imagine it wont go to 20 or 30 cents with 2 exchanges

Easy money


Question is what exchanges.

They really have to be working on something special. I really do believe that they will look to hit exchanges with a big deal. I can’t see DK letting the fastest Asia ico to sell out just limp into in exchange. I would also doubt he would rather another B exchange to make the commissions without bithumb being listed as well. Espicallly if they are looking to make a impression when listing. Why give it to someone else. I’m sure DK is related to the current ceo of bithumb. Keep it in the family. :grinning::grinning:


Trying to buy another cheeky few, taking forever on IDEX


That’s racist… They don’t all look the same!

They need to do a bounty first. Need to get more people to the project before listing that shit. We need maximum exposure but I’m sure they know that already. However, doing a Lambo competition will get every Tom, Dick and @HarryvdV fomoing hard… 5usd in a bear market, why not!


There like us Italians were not related but he’s my cousin.

Absolutely. They will lay the ground work leading up to listings which I do not doubt will be a wonderful day for all.

There is 500+unread messages in the icx thread do I even want to open it? WTH is going on in there.


Mate we need to put in the work when the bounty comes out. We can earn some nice free coinage but also help the cause too!

Always fun to look through the icx threads mate. Probably me arguing with some turd again. Since January I’ve been fighting against so many naysayers, Fudsters and bears it’s tiring. But I live for the good fight.

They’ve tried to infiltrate this thread a couple of times but we batted them away!


I’m definitely down to do the bounty work. I’ve been hitting up every one I know on YouTube twitter and other social media platforms. Haven’t done a bounty program but I will hit the ground running on this one.

It’s only 2 days I haven’t viewed the icx thread. Lol.


Yeah man should be fun… I hope they don’t copy icon with the marketing or lack of. Starting to piss me off now


I just keep telling myself that’s why they split. Icon didn’t want to market lol.


Hey guys…if you want to get into ICOs or presales @limes just started a thread for Galaxy Foundation. It is full of good people, a lot from the Pub. Great opportunities and excellent way to submit projects for consideration. They do great research and have a sound vetting process.

Get in there and let’s all land on the moon together!


Don’t feel guilty when you find those bargains and the people selling don’t know what its worth


No :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: lksajdf lksdjf haha


Picked up another 1.5 K…

Easy decision so close to ICO price.

I have no doubt BTC will sort itself out


Siggy please see me the thread details, I’ll be interested in getting into the pool. Are you getting better deals being in there? As in private sale prices instead of pre sale?

Is there also a group on telegram for it?