Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



So if and when they list on a exchange. They would have to transfer tokens to them correct? Or is it only whoever is selling.


I think we should do it coordinated sell and buy


Why not. Wait till it gets on exchange we will send all the bznt to harry. Have him pump and dump for us just one time :slight_smile:


Let’s put a tack in that discussion before we have a CryptoGat situation.

If we can get some publicity from the fomo youtube channels with obscene price targets as it launches on a big exchange, because people are still scared to buy on IDEX for some reason, we’ll see some nice positive growth and (hopefully) hold on to most of it.


AE and XEM listed on Bithumb, not Bezant. Hodl to 0 usd. :frowning:



From telegram admin:

Our core team is working on getting listed on Major exchanges! Please wait for the announcement from the core team. Thanks for your patience :pray::pray:

So not one, but more, and not any exchanges, but major exchanges, lets do this!

Lets do this crew!


I did the same thing but I can see my balance in IDEX but can see it in my MEW ( Ledger Nano S ) Don’t know what to do with that too


yes,idex have some problem and bezant need to list at offical exchange as soon as possible.People are scared of trading in idex


Not sure why they are scared, works fine for me, but I agree with you, we need more exchanges for the people that are uncomfortable to trade on idex



uhmm so buy Pchain? :rofl: :man_shrugging:t2:


lol is this guy serious with this comment? LOL ur kidding right?

this prol the guy who stole the tank last night. i think he’s serious.


Who are you referring to ?


there, fixed it.
I’m talkin about this joker who wants to take from you without doing legit work. Whoever that guy is, I’ll put you on the f***ng wall, son.
And leon too wherever that clown went.


I don’t think that convo was serious at all. Pinch of salt


you’re right. i did some breathing exercises. all good.


Idex works normal for me, what problem are people having?


the issue was last night. it froze or something.


Oh man why are you tough talking via text?

Everybody here owns bznt. See the poll done earlier on this thread