Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Yes admins only posted and verified it a few hours ago.


I’ll be there. I’m going to try to do some iphone video, perhaps interview. Any questions? If Peter doesn’t do his interview by then, I will use questions proposed to him already. Even if Peter does the interview by then, maybe I do another interview with different questions. :slight_smile:


Hi guys, I would like your advice…
I have about 10K BZNT all stored on my MEW (I bought everything without problems on IDEX and then moved on MEW)
What do you recommend me do?
Thanks to everyone who wants to answer :smiley:
PS I also have an ICX stack


Haha what’s the question bro? What do you want us to recommend?


As it is not clear what kind of recommendation you want, I recommend you to take an irish coffee and enjoy it on the balcony


the question was:
Is keeping my BZNTs on my MEW a good solution?

I will drink together with you a very good Guinness (Arthur cheers)


Do you have a hardware wallet? If not, go get Ledger or Trezor.
It’s much more secure with it than without. Plus you can connect MEW to it for extra peace of mind.


thank you very much,
I knew that hardware, I’ll seriously consider buying it


You’re very welcome.
However, that doesn’t answer your question. Before using MEW I would check if:

  1. the site is not phished (it gets phished regularly)
  2. your PC is not infected with some malware that can steal your data
  3. you are using a secure connection to the interwebs

Plus, for extra security, I would not store .json file (the one with your key) on a PC’s main memory.


I’ve been in this space for a year now and it took me 11 months to get a hardware wallet. Should have done it straight away but I was being a tight ass.

Its worth it.


Possibly @Duttydirtz can message the person who he was speaking to for Peter and ask them if they could give you a interview there. Possibly set something up prior instead of blindsiding them.


Definitely get a hardware wallet. I like my ledger. Feel much safer with my tokens stored there now.


i’d put it on a trezor


Peter’s getting the world’s first interview. It’ll happen soon.


yes baby, now im getting all pumped hehe


Okay, thanks, good idea :slight_smile: I will ask to do that.


Whichever one you purchase, get it direct from manufacturer. There are some resale scams out there with scratch off key words. Direct is best!


Ask a dumb question, I have some BZNT tokens in a MEW wallet.
How do I transfer it to my Trezor?

I can see all the tokens when I unlock it in IDEX; however, if I unlock it using MEW, I only see Eth, no BZNT.
Not sure how to transfer it to the Trezor.



Nevermind, figured it out, need to add custom token in MEW.


I will :slight_smile: @jim85 will be there as well.
Only free ticket though