Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Nakamoto is a very active part of the ‘Coin Burn’ clan but I think all of these guys are going to be disappointed. I would love for the remaining tokens to be burned but I don’t think it will happen.

He’s talking about Eth price increase and how it was close to hard cap? That’s irrelevant because you go by the pegged value NOT the actual at that time. When they pegged the price, they took a bet and they were winning but they could have easily lost! The price has come down a lot since then too.

That reason alone means they aren’t compelled to close it early.

Also, the initial unlock date was ‘‘end of presale’’ NOT 31st May! As tokens are unlocked any exchange can list them as long as they have the smart contract address which is available on the block chain. IDEX and Bilaxy saw the hype and took the opportunity.

Also where it said unsold tokens - that’s after they go through the presales AND Crowdsale meaning any leftovers will either be burned or put in the treasury.

Bottom line is they haven’t made the amount of money they intended to so they need more.

Which does bring us to the reason why they could burn or even aidrop them to the presale people or everyone in their telegram OR store in the treasury with a two year vesting period.

They did not anticipate the amount of hype and how quick their tokens would be sold (I think the pub had a huge part to play in that, well done all!) This raises their hope that their BZNT tokens will be worth more than they thought, so the funds they’ll have in their treasury, including some of the remaining tokens or not, will be worth more!

Does that make sense?



here is an idea… why not airdrop it to the guys in the PUB :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ve been communicating with Bezant’s Community Manager. He really appreciates the pub for raising awareness and knows we are a big part of the community.

We are attempting to set up something that’ll be great exposure for them… involving the pub!

I’ll hear back this week.


boom son! boom! sdasdasd


am I right to say we are up +116% at the moment? (or thereabouts)


Damn, waiting for my bank to send some € to coinbase in order to get ETH and BZNT via IDEX … ! Frustrating xD


this would be insane, and great recognition for your work on raising awareness for them


I heard bezant is being listed on coinbase


Berty I just want to tell you your amazing man. Peter 2 point o I heard?


GO on hans spread that FOMO LAD!:clap:


If you want me pay it forward I’ll send you my address and you can send me 1000 BZNT each?


Join us as Patron bro we have more great ico’s


i’ll be joining patron for sure, once i get the busiest period of my work done and have more time to spend learning about blockchain


I heard that as well


Yeah i heard that aswell :shushing_face::face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Anyone want trade a few BZNT for a partial BTC?

Like trading baseball cards


Yooooooooooooooooo !!! Somebody PLEASE sell me like 10k BZNT on IDEX !!??!! The order is open :smiley: and it would be much appreciated. Thanks so much for helping me achieve my to the moon goooooooooooooooooals !!!

This bid, to be specific :slight_smile:

0.00024538 ETH PR 10750.66399999 BZNT 2.63807265 TOTAL ETH 2.63807265 SUM

EDIT: I took down the order for while I go to sleep. I will buy 10k later during the day :slight_smile:


id be betting everyone here wont be selling until its well over .001


Thanks for the info, I just made my goal :smiley:


What was that in USD per BZNT that you offered?


I think it was around $0.17

I should have waited until today apparently, hehe.

I sold almost everything I own (BTC, ETH, ICX, ZIL) vehicles, and guns for BZNT besides my clothes, suitcases, phone, computer, screens, wallets and guns. Oh yeah, I still have my bicycle and vacant land too. I feel free and unencumbered :smiley:

Blockchain lifestyle RAAAWR!!! Lol