Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



No worries man I’ll send you my Ether address for that 10% commission :wink:

Nah I’m playing its only 5%:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

JK just buy me a drink when we have a pub meet up… Not Joking


Will do. Looking forward to the meet up. True HarryrvD - I think it was the Telegram group where there was more complaining. No offence to this group and just saying thanks.


I promise, I’ll buy you a keg of the finest beer.


Strictly Chang beer brother :facepunch:


Got some this morning on IDEX. Pretty quick and easy. Where are you guys storing it?

Damn, just dipped a toe in the pool…wasn’t expecting it to moon to 19 cents so fast!


Withdraw it back to your metamask or ledger wallet. Easy peasy! Add custom token on your wallet so it shows up.


Big moon days ahead my friend


Got 1.01 eth for my.89 eth overnight from bezant so put 2 more eth into it this morning. Good decision? I have 11500 bznt from 2.89 eth now.


sounds good bud. Enjoy the rocket trip :wink:


quick food for thought. With low volume on idex could we raise the value ourselves? aka 2 just keep swapping trades up and up till people fomo and then we have a higher amount $ for when it hits binance?


Most of the investor don’t know the detail of public sale and they are no likely to buy.I hope a announce as soon as possible.Binance definitely make the coin to $2-3


*** does the binance dance ***


I’m gutted I only put 2 ETH in this, even my Mrs is pissed for not putting more in. As I originally said £10K :joy:. Thinking of grabbing some more on Idex.

How did people find buy it on there?


I learned my lesson when I put 1700 USD in the ICX ico (originally I was planning to put 1000 USD, so I’m glad I put more), but looking back of course I wished I had put more, hence why I went in stronger on Bezant


So you put 1800 into bez :joy::joy:.


1850, you live you learn


Sweet bigly.



Haha this made me laugh, see your learning your lessons mr vandervien. I went bigger than you and i thought you was the flipping whale mate!

To be fair though, if we get to where we think we can ( anything between $1-5 dollars ) then it’s a outstanding return none the less!

You putting some in sentinel? Me and cody are, really like the look that project and what its trying to do. Security protocols have potential to go bigly.


I was joking on the amount, I shared my amount here in the thread, so its no secret.

Sentinel yes sounds interesting, but they did their ico already right?


I would be happy with anything inbewtwenn those numbers. Lol. Then the long hodl play.

I also would like to get into senitial but USA prohibits me.