Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Patron bro… Can you see it?


Nope. Guess I have to wait a few hours!


Use the same email on Patreon as the pub yeah?


Yeah sure did. Double-checked


It is just a matter of time, same was with me, it wasn’t instantly. But don’t know to tell a time either, as I went to sleep and in the morning it was activated.


Okay I just joined and became a patreon, I used the same email as my pub email, when will I get the the P by my profile pic?


So bezant
Any ideas or thoughts on timescales for listings etc ?


Before end of the year mate


My thoughts too. None of my icos so far have gone to exchanges . curious as to timescales. 6 months from ICO to listing ?


I found this video about Bezant :rocket::rocket:


Hopefully in the next three months, my opinion.


Yeah saw that. He keeps saying it’s part of the icon ecosystem but it isn’t.


Maybe mid August, but I’m hoping sooner :slight_smile:


every major roadmap event is worth 5 dollars


Just wanted to say a big thanks Duttydirtz for making me aware of Bezant. I cant understand how roughly doubling your money from the pre-sale price including the bonus is getting so much crap from people. Its
the best return i’ve ever made in a couple of weeks but i’m in this for the long haul. Thanks again !


cool, what about certik though? not been mentioned on pub before


Crazy that this has so little views


Let’s hope for some quality reviews in the future.


Nobody is giving, crap, there was only 1 person here that gave crap, and that was a nobody :slight_smile:


I don’t know anything about it. Might look into this one later this week.