Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange




yes you’re right. at 10x or 20x
equals 50k or 100k


Awsome. You are there? Go take a selfie with the bezant truck lol.


I wish, I’d muck all their food and try to get some free bznt too


Patiently waiting on email with confirmation of my new post as head of meme’s.

Fuck it if you don’t ask you don’t get :joy:


At least they have a sense of humor.


No surprise this forum is being watched. After icon was flying under the radar but caught by this forum I assumed so. Stay classy fuckers



Just want to do some double checking before jumping into Bezant today. The only exchange i’m pulling up is IDEX (Never used before)… Anyone here that can verify its a legit BZNT listing? Or is it some kind of I.O.U. token holder? Thanks ya’ll


the bznt idex listing is legit


Im not following? 5k Bez tokens at 2usd is $10k?


Think he means 5k investment ?


That is awesome! I was just there a couple of weeks ago for a different blockchain event and that area is so prime! What a great idea and awesome exposure.


The math still doesn’t work. 5K invested at todays price x 2.00 would be $58k.

Still, solid returns, but not the $1m.


He actually said 1m which is way off…


What is this dude talking about?

Man dude…people…just try and find ways to be mad at stuff.


In idex, we have to use our mew?


Yep, you login using a ledger/trezor/mew and then transfer your tokens to idex.

Ive used it to Buy bezant with my ledger


Smart choice, get ready for those big gains in may june n july


seriously declining volume and a suppressed price. too good to pass up


Buy bezant now or regret it :slight_smile: