Korea's Bezant ICO with former CEO & co-founder of bithumb Koreas biggest crypto exchange



Ur an idiot, it is up 83% since ico 1,5 - 2 weeks ago


Ur saying it is better to b in on a coin nobody is talking about, u got some shit to learn thats fo sure but we’ll help u


The only thing ur right about is taking a pic with danny t. Everything else is wrong


Good luck with tracing back the origins of a avocado :avocado:


chilled guys, no need for name callings. the real performance will show after we hit major exchanges that’s when you’ll know who’s right or wrong. Just let him continue to find his “stable” coins


If it looks like a duck, it quacks like a duck, its usually a duck, no name calling, just spitting facts :slight_smile:


Guys chill!
We have nothing to gauge value off yet, as we haven’t hit exchanges are seen what the demand really is for bezant.

Right now we are all spitting hot air, no one knows and can only speculate. Why don’t we just see where we are when hit exchanges, until then leta discus bezantw tech and the market it’s trying to reach.

Constructive conversations will make us all better investors, as of right now and in the future when investing in other icos.



I was actually sarcastic about him being salty on Bezant, but he’s finding the low cap coins that going up in this time of the market :joy:


We r wrong mate it hit 1 exchange n is crashing hard in the last 2 weeks, up 80% :wink:


God give me strength :pray::joy:



I often find my getting triggered by these haters/trolls.

On a good day I’ll let it be and not feed them… That day is today!


Hmmmmmmmm where did u come from??


Looking at his picture, jail


Looks like bezant is mooning

It was 16,5 cents n now 17 @asus78


had a good chuckle at that one.



Oh shit they named the Pub and quoted me in the article :rofl:

Better be careful what we say - the world is Watching!

Although it seems that Bezant was relatively unknown and had little social media presence, there was one forum that was well aware of the potential of the platform – Bitcoin.pub was filled with comments such as the one below:

“Guys let’s not spread this outside the pub. I have a feeling the hype will pick up massively in the next two weeks, and it’s likely to get sold out quickly during first few hours of pre-sale. If Ian [Balina] gets hold of this it’ll be harder for us all. We can shill it out we have secured our tokens.”


you mean we’re being watched?


Haha that is so sick!

Hope this article shills it even more! Share it everywhere guys.