Knowing the Pub Members~! [IRL]



Well since there is no official member pic thread, I’ll start one. Feel free to join if you guys want to.

@ The ranch

And my old car which I miss very much!

sup yall im new

I love this idea! I’ll put a picture in … I have to think of what pic tho…


Me and the the puppers…


and then this guy showed up:


I’ve got two Siberian Huskies myself. Incredible animals!



what the … lol :joy:




Tell us a little about yourself?


Me in deep, existential thought when my investments were crumbling.


keep 'em coming ! :smile:


@john now I can imagine you as a Supreme Kai from DBS.



This is an acceptable comparison. Approved.


IRL? Same as here. Sassy, talk like a sailor, daring, goofy, and a straight shooter. Fun to be around, easy to talk to, but I don’t recommend trying to fuck with me or you’ll get yer ass handed to ya :face_with_raised_eyebrow::joy::sunglasses:



Hey ! My father rides a Harley too!


Yay! I mean, wait, are you calling me old? (damn, it’s true) :joy::rofl::thinking:


not at all lol just refering as a close person to me who also likes Harleys :wink:


So i think i take horrible pics but my boys love the camera


Now that the topic came back to life, a more recent one then… After a haircut.


Ridding my sweet hog LOL