Kiyosaki Loves Bitcoin



For those who know Robert Kiyosaki he is one of the most well respected investors and authors. Just came across an interview where he talks about Bitcoin and Gold replacing fiat currency in the next 20 years. This guy is the original HODLR he never sells his real estate or gold. Awesome ambassador for crypto!


Really glad to hear he is a supporter. He is fantastic! Really respect him.


I’ve been a follower of Robert Kiyosaki’s for 20 years, since he wrote Rich Dad Poor Dad. I am where I am today, because I read that book while in college. I dropped out, and am now a partner in 8 apartment complexes, over 1200 doors, in five states, with friends. I know he is controversial, but he has helped me get my mind right. I’ve gone from employee, to self employed, to business owner, to investor, and am happy to be where I am, from reading his Four Quadrants book. He’s a great sales guy, but his information is great for anybody looking to get out of the normal 9-5.


We need to get @peter on Robert Kiyosaki’s Radio Show.


Awesome story DamianL big props to you my friend thats a lot of keys!!

What states are you in? I have clients who are looking for some buildings out of state. If you come across anything let me know.

You on Facebook? If so friend me there or I can PM my contant info.


Or vise versa lol Kiyosaki would be an awesome guest


I live in Fort Worth, and have properties here in DFW, Oklahoma City, Glendale AZ, Columbus OH, and Atlanta/Jonesboro GA. I’m going to start looking in the Carolinas this year, and will keep eyes open for other good deals. Catch me on Facebook. I’m just a Dad that wants to spend time with his girls on the soccer fields, even if they are teens, and invest in as many good things as I can.


I am a big fans of Kiyosaki. His books, Rich Dad Poor Dad, change my mindset and goals in life. I am still on my way to chase that goal which is own my first real estate. Live a life with passive income, free from that 9-5 thing…
So, instead of lambo, my cryptogoal is real estate…


Heck Yeah! Robert Kiyosaki on DecentralizedTV would break the Internet! I’d swap an hour Livestream for an hour of Robert and @peter chatting it up! Totally worth it! 'Course Robert’s got the bigger platform, and bringing his viewers into the Cryptonation and the Pub would do wonders for and have a bigger impact on blockchain at the Meta Level.


My clients have been looking in the Carolinas what is your last name on FB will find you :wink:


Hey Justin,

Damian Leonard here. Who do you represent? You say your clients. Are you a
broker, or financial advisor? I partner and or syndicate apartment deals in
the 100-500 range for the most part, and mostly 1970-2000 vintage
properties. I’m in a group with other apartment investors, and we will pool
our funds to buy with other investors. Let me know what you got going on.


Damian Leonard


Hey Damian. I own 2 Remax offices in NJ and work with a lot of builders and investors. This is just a connection for my buddy, i retail his stuff but he also has his license. No referral or anything needed just trying to link good people. Thanks!


I just DM’d both of you @DamianL and @Justin_Bosak. So appropriate that we talk real estate in the Kiyosaki thread! :wink: Love it!