Kanye bucks PC, brother who still has to cash checks from the ((( media ))) enforces PC on him in real time


Straw man is one type of logical fallacy. Straw man occurs when someone argues that a person holds a view that is actually not what the other person believes. Instead, it is a distorted version of what the person believes. So, instead of attacking the person’s actual statement or belief, it is the distorted version that is attacked.

You and your ilk are expert level at Straw Man and Ad Hominems.

Examples of Straw Man:

  1. Senator Smith says that the nation should not add to the defense budget. Senator Jones says that he cannot believe that Senator Smith wants to leave the nation defenseless.

  2. Caroline says that she thinks her friends should not be so rude to the new girl. Jenna says that she cannot believe that Caroline is choosing to be better friends with the new girl than the girls who have always known her.

  3. Pamela is the class secretary. She says that she thinks that the class should do more service projects. Mark says he can’t believe that Pamela doesn’t support the annual school dance.

  4. Biology teacher begins teaching evolution by stating that all things evolve. Student says she just can’t accept that humans came from bugs.

  5. Student tells his professor that he thinks some of Donald Trump’s positions have merit. Professor says he can’t believe that the student believes in support racism.

  6. Student tells his professor that he thinks some of Hillary Clinton’s positions have merit. Professor says he can’t believe that the student supports giving access to classified documents to foreign countries.

As far as your references to sites you don’t like in an attempt to poison the well relating to any possible info that flows through one of them,why kill the messenger? Usually as a means to also kill the message.

Like I said,send me a list of approved sites to link to and we will go from there.


this is an anti-white anti-christian, who uses blacks, women, Indians, or any other group he can think of as cudgels to brow beat the group he hates the most - white Christians…

these people are what critical race theory cranks out - brainwashed shit tier commies with hostility toward white christian america

case closed


Kill the messenger? You post sources that do nothing but “Straw Man and Ad Hominems”

Then you post this
“Would it be okay for me make up fake smears on other Republicans because they said something I don’t like?”

The sources you use do this thing all the time, by sharing these sources, your are doing this. Is it okay?

I am not a Republican or Democrat and if you shared legitimate sources, I might be on your side on this farce but you don’t. Why don’t you use your own suggested site before posting your sources? Try to pick sources from there that are at least sometimes factual and not extreme left if you are trying to argue with someone from the right. You think you are going to convince a Republican to see your way if you are posting MSNBC dribble and your opponent is posting Fox dribble?

I am on the bottom right corner of the political spectrum. I want to maximize freedom and minimize the state. I know I am a minority. I really don’t like R vs D arguments because from the outside, they are just the same.

As for the point of this thread. Real racism has been exposed and it appears the people that get the worst of it are blacks that don’t lean left. Take a look at twitter and read the hate Tomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Eric July, Candace Owens, and probably countless of others get from mostly white liberals. It is all bullshit and I just want to opt out.


Once again. Getting too aggressive!
Enjoy a restart!