Kanye bucks PC, brother who still has to cash checks from the ((( media ))) enforces PC on him in real time


We wont see peace in the Middle East any time soon at all.




I only know a bit about Iraq and Afghanistan from my “vacation(s)” there so im with you when it comes to Iran.



Yeah i started following him when you posted the links a few days ago. Gold info!

Dice has been on a holiday though so he probably knows deep about the military and political ties though :laughing::joy::cowboy_hat_face:


We can agree on that. Massive changes are taking place. Whats this dice? Did you find out on your holidays?


It’s OK to feel hopeless dice. I mean, miserable existence, but some people genuinely feel hopeless and don’t believe deep change can happen.

Luckily we have a Commander in Chief that has balls bigger than any I’ve ever seen and it’s happening. Fortunately whether you’ve got the feelz or not.


Never too late to educate yourself. I’ve taken the time and I’m really glad I have.

Well worth the read :point_down::point_down::point_down:


If anyone wants to learn from a real expert on the Middle East here is a link to Thomas’ outstanding threads.



I agree most people wouldn’t know what the Iran deal really was all about and possibly going from Obama’s history of breaking everything he touches most are just assuming it was a bad deal so celebrating that.

Do you know why the deal was absolute rubbish though? Or are you really just the child bad mouthing everything Trump does because your feelings got hurt too?
The fact that you came in with your ‘documents’ based on Debunked Snopes, opinion pieces from the Dailymail, being a Mueller fanboy etc etc I seriously doubt it.

Bring facts to the table kiddo and stop pretending you know what’s going on. NO ONE knows what the hell is going on over there apart from Trump and the top of the top. It’s a total mess and every day there is a new twist or three. All the middle eastern countries are bombing the hell out of each other this very second. Iran, Syria, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, Turkey they are all entangled. Civil wars within civil wars.

Although it’s all Trumps fault probably right? I’m not saying he can replace your Dad but the middle east was doing really well before Trump stepped on the scene weren’t they?

@dice Some holiday snaps from then and now

Can replace IRAN 1970s with EUROPE 2000s and IRAN 2017 with EUROPE 20?? if Trump doesn’t drain the swamp

IRAN 1970s


IRAN 2017



Nah I don’t pretend to know if the iran deal was good or bad, just laughing at the redhats pretending otherwise. Laughing at you for advocating regime change as well, as not so distant history has shown that doesn’t work.

Laughing at the delusion Mueller isn’t going to end the most crooked administration in american history. :rofl:


Dont follow Daily Kos. Whats their affiliation?
Democrat or Republican?

Notes: Daily Kos is an outlet for Political Blogging. It functions as a discussion forum and group blog for a variety of netroots activists whose efforts are primarily directed toward influencing and strengthening progressive policies and candidates. Daily Kos has many different writers and therefore it is unpredictable in bias and factual reliability. It is up to the reader to fact check these writers and to look for good sourcing in each article.up but you could make it



President Trump withdrew the U.S. from the Iran nuclear agreement, known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, JCPOA, as it’s commonly referred to. He did so without presenting a single shred of evidence that Iran had failed to uphold the agreement. In fact, his own military advisers have reported that Iran is actually in compliance, and yet Trump made assertions that Israeli intelligence and Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu had uncovered hidden evidence that Iran is continuing to develop a nuclear weapons program.

The presentation, titled “Iran Lied,” made by Prime Minister Netanyahu, projected across the world on social media, has been completely discredited by experts, including the award-winning, that’s the Nobel Prize-winning agency IAEA, who has responsibility for oversight of Iran’s compliance. A former weapons inspector that I spoke with last week, Robert Kelley, said that Netanyahu’s claims were baseless and childish. He used to work at the IAEA.

JAMES DORSEY: I think what you’re seeing is a high-stakes poker game. So with other words, Trump was determined to take the United States out of the nuclear agreement, despite the fact that there was no evidence that Iran has violated the agreement. The reason he wants to do that is because what he’s, as are various U.S. allies in the Middle East, particularly Israel and Saudi Arabia, as well as the United Arab Emirates, what they are really concerned about , beyond the nuclear issue, is Iran’s ballistic missile program, as well as Iran’s regional role. Both issues on which there is almost no room for negotiation. Now, he is betting on the fact that the Europeans fundamentally, on the one hand, want to keep the agreement in place because they feel that it is stopping Iran from developing nuclear weapons, and that whatever other issues there are, which they agree on in principle, need to be negotiated in addition to the nuclear agreement.

The poker game kicks in on two levels. One level is the Europeans. So with other words, the Iranians until now have shown restraint, and they’ve shown restraint on three different levels. One is they have abided by the nuclear agreement. The second is that you will have a number of Israeli attacks on Iranian military targets in Syria, and Iran, despite bombastic language, has not, in fact, retaliated. And the third level is that Iran, in response to the Trump announcement, has said for the time being, we are going to stay in the agreement. We remain committed to the agreement, and we are going to be talking to the other signatories to see whether or not this can be salvaged in a way that also benefits Iran’s interest.

What Trump has done is not only taken the United States out of the region, but he has announced that he will reinstitute secondary sanctions. Secondary sanctions meaning that the United States would sanction any non-American company that does business with Iran. And that is particularly sensitive to European country, companies, that have interests in the United States. For the Europeans to actually stick to the agreement, and make it worthwhile for the Iranians to stick to the agreement, the Europeans would actually have to introduce sanctions of their own.

So with other words, if the United States sanctions a European company, the Europeans would sanction an American company. And that they would have to do in an environment in which they are dealing with an administration that from the outset, from the moment that he came to office, has expressed doubt about the value of its relationship with Europe. So with other words, Europe will have to confront the United States and have a serious rift with the United States against the backdrop of much larger issues.

Now, what I really think this is about is not about the nuclear agreement, nor really fundamentally about the ballistic missiles issue or Iran’s role in the Middle East. I think this is about regime change. And if it is about regime change, there are essentially three options, none of them very promising. One is sanctions that are so severe that, in the hope of the Americans, the Iranians would have to buckle in, or there would be a move to change the regime from within Iran. And that would almost only come from hardliners. A second option would be that the Iranians withdraw from the agreement, ultimately, are perceived or painted to be engaging in a nuclear program with a military component to it, and that then there would be an external military intervention. And we’ve seen in the case of Iraq, of Afghanistan, of Libya, of Syria, of Yemen what external military intervention leads to. Or the third option would be to try and destabilize the regime by trying to stir unrest among ethnic minorities in Iran.


with marxist drivel, less is truly more


I’m advocating a regime change too lol. You kids really get sucked into weird narratives with no evidence. Yeah i do know a little bit about the iran deal but :+1:


Not sure why you only copy / pasted the bottom. Glad to see I was right and most of their writers should go on a helicopter ride. The view is beautiful.


This is great. Check out the poll. Only 4% on this “unbiased” site think Occupy is credible. Nailed that one too.


Are you aware that the “agreement” was never signed? And it is about regime change. It’s time for the mullahs to GTFO!


Doesnt matter man, people clearly thinks the dude (Trump) walks on water.

And, again, there isnt going to be peace in the Middle East like people think.

We have to wait this out.
It may turn out theres nothing at all…which i dont believe, but even if he is impeached for anything, theyve already made excuses for if that happens.

Very convenient.

BTW you guys need to copy/paste your responses cuz ive posted alot so i dont know what youre referring to when you respond to me.