Kanye bucks PC, brother who still has to cash checks from the ((( media ))) enforces PC on him in real time


Yep let’s keep making the mistakes of the past! Vietnam, Iraq, Afghanistan…

surely this time will be different. Some people never learn. Just a friendly reminder that John Bolton, the architect of the failed Iraq invasion for Bush admin is leading the charge. What happened to drain the swamp?

but uhhh things will definitely somehow work out this time! :rofl::rofl:

But on the bright side the continued devaluation of the USD that’ll result (war ain’t cheap) could boost bitcoin, so maybe we can find some agreement there at least.


I love you all.


I really think they sound ALOT like the Obama followers.
Ive debated with them also and man…youd think Obama could cure cancer…yet George Bush and all Republicans were the devil incarnate.:rofl:

Its fascinating and bizzare at the same time.
I have always said that they are truly two sides of the same coin, even tho they believe they are complete opposites.
Its like fanaticism.


Please close this thread too @john 🖒


Shit is still getting weirder and weirder!


Are you aware that the “agreement” was never signed? And it is about regime change. It’s time for the mullahs to GTFO!

I think Donald Trump entered the White House with an intent to unravel the Iran deal, but largely motivated by his bizarre animus towards Barack Obama. Wanted to undo his legacy. Since then we have seen the people around him who argued against killing the deal at each deadline gradually being shown the door, and the people that have come in, people like John Bolton and Mike Pompeo, have long argued for military action against Iran. John Bolton wrote just a couple of years ago that we need to start bombing Iran. He wrote an article, an open memo to Trump about how he would leave the deal. And it included all of these measures that are steps that you would take as you prepare for war.

Fundamentally, though, I think the reason that this puts us on a path to war, it’s not just the advisers, it’s not just the precarious situation in the region and all the potential tripwires. But it’s that Trump has taken diplomacy off the table. He has made it so that no Iranian leader, certainly not Rouhani at this point in time, can enter negotiations with the United States after this black eye that has been given to his administration and to the entire notion that you can engage the U.S. This is an important debate that has that happening in the Islamic Republic for, for years for decades. And I think what Trump did today was he effectively said, he solved that debate once and for all and said no. Negotiating with the United States is a trap. You are going to be weakened by it. And if you take diplomacy off the table, there are measures that fall short of that, sanctions and pressure campaigns.

But the reason that the Obama administration entered negotiations with Iran, it was prepared to make the compromises necessary to get this deal, was that there was a recognition by the Obama administration that we were running out of ways to actually deal with the Iranian nuclear challenge, and we were rapidly approaching a situation in which we would need to either be prepared to live with an Iran that had the capability to break out and build a nuclear weapon without being detected, or we were going to go to war with Iran. And I think now we have once again reduced our options to those two.



Yep some weasle sites there too. I don’t think the dirt on the right boot tastes any better.


Absolutely,it’s good to know what type of bias is exhibited from various sites,as the notes pointed out about Daily Kos,definitely check out the sources or claims made but never throw out the baby with the bath water because a site leans a certain direction.


Before @AmorFati reads his ‘news’ he does one quick search


I know…i know…normally its painful to read the comments section but the posts here are dead on. Both of them.

Got from here:


When all hope is lost, milli vanilli



No…dont close it.
Were all having a disagreement.
Makes me research and provide facts.
I think this is healthy.


One of em died tho…


Spot on. Those that Love/Hate Trump/Obama/skin colour etc to the end without any of their own freedom of thought and unwillingness to have their minds changed are doomed regardless of whether they are right or wrong


When all hope is lost, vanilli


:clap: We :clap: cant :clap: be :clap: stopped :clap:


This is another sign of the malignant mentality that some groups foment amongst their constituency.It’s one thing to disagree with or even attack what he (McCain) did- I wouldn’t change my vote against him in 2008, it’s another to lie about him as a) a war criminal or b) “confessed” to the Vietcong after being tortured.


Again, man the hypocrisy is amazing.
This divides the Republican party.
I dont think people even care about Republican ideologies at all.


U mean the fake free trade republican they engaged in for 40 years that destroyed the American middle class?

what exactly did conservatives actually conserve? Nothing.

Burn it all down.

Christian Monarchy Now!