Kanye bucks PC, brother who still has to cash checks from the ((( media ))) enforces PC on him in real time



Kanye has been red pilled…to me he sounds on the right path, but to a blind sheep he sounds foolish.


The responses to West’s comments have already set social media ablaze:


burn it all down


Kanye West. I trust your intentions. Appreciate your transparency, and commitment to authenticity. But it’s getting dark when you’re implying that what held back enslaved people was a mentality—it was a fixed and reinforced power structure, and when you wear that red hat you reinforce the same


Sheep get their feelings hurt through history books full of bullshit and continued programming through media. Fuck the divide and your feelings. Wake Up sheeple!!


Kanye has the communication skills of a 10 year old. If he wants people to get what he’s saying he needs to get his point across better instead of saying shit like slavery is a choice.


We people…of all races are holding ourselves back. We blame the rich


Could you ask the Jewish community to forget about the Holocaust? Would you ask the Irish to forget about the Potato famine? But as usual black people are always the ones told to forget about their history, especially by idiots like Kanye.


I agree his communication skills aren’t there but he is over powered by passion to inform.


Today is history. We allow our past to control us. Why?


imagine being black and having the tragic events of slavery that your ancestors actually lived through boiled down to a red Trump hat, so white liberals can take cheap political shots

talk about black people being fodder, truly the norm of people who think like this…

shit tier liberal nonsense


‘Those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.’


let me tell you something bro, and take it to the bank - you people who run around calling people racist and nazi all the time, will surely be the ones with your hand on the gas chamber button…

anyone with eyes open knows this, what you are spouting is marxist ID politics, and it leads to people getting killed in mass, with you and your ideological fervor doing the killing…


Not too terribly long ago,but I’m sure it had nothing to do with race


truly disgusting, do you have a point by sharing it?


you are truly the slave master that black people must defeat, congratulations, they are onto your game

thanks Kanye for speaking up


The point is for you to realize that people have and continue to experience things,nobody benefits from running around calling people names,these things are actually happening and have happened. It’s insulting to saypeople are just running around claiming racism for no reason


To divide is to control.


Stupid hateful people do stupid hateful things.