Jordan Belfort aka the wolf of wall street warning against Bitcoin


That makes sense.

I love how he states “You have to work hard for money you can’t just invest in this and expect millions”

…don’t you make your money on speculative investing in security assets?


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If he knew everything about Crypto currencies and how it was going to blow up before crashing then why didn’t he invest? He would’ve made a fortune and been out of the market long before any “correction.”

And, the Bitcoin is recovering when he stated with certainty that it would go down to $2000 … $1000… and then a little over zero which is its true value.

Sounds like a scammer’s upset that he didn’t get in on the action so he doesn’t want others to profit either.

Admitting that he was wrong would hurt his pride and make him feel bad for not investing. When the market crashed he felt it was an opportunity to further bash Crypto rather than invest, because it reinforces everything he’s been saying.

If he invested he would be going against everything he’s been spouting for the past who knows how long. And we all know that his ego is far too big to let him do that.


You know you’re in for some real useful information, when the video is prefaced with “I looked into Bitcoin a long time ago, and never bought”.

Well, if you were wrong then and fucked up, then why should we listen now? Clearly your judgement is impaired. You didn’t grasp it then, and you don’t grasp it now. :joy:


This guy is the biggiest crook. He came to Australia few years ago and ripped off the goverment. Once a Scammer always a scammer.


I agree that the banks and the governments will not go down quietly and just embrace decentralized currency.

These two are very big institutions that work hand in hand. He fears that this is a losing battle because there is no way these two will just hand over the control back to the people.

I kind of feel that this is a revolution that can drag on for a decade or two.

Projects like cardano might be of great help during this transition because it plans to bridge the whole crypto economy and also create a bridge between the old centralized fiat to our new world order of decentralized currency. (Provided companies like IOHK is left alone by governments)

I just hope we win during our lifetime to enjoy the gains.


I’m waiting for him to say he’ll eat his dick on live TV if it doesn’t go to zero…THEN I might listen…


Jordan Belfort may have a dubious reputation but Robert Shiller certainly doesn’t. Here’s some of his interviews where he talks about bitcoin.


When someone starts talking repetitively I know its bullshit.


Dope last name. #Shiller


Woah… what happened?


Here u go.

Watch "Jordan Belfort Caught Scamming in Australia - “The Wolf of Queensland " (2015)” on YouTube


Lol that’s wild! Just fleecing the taxpayers


Once a scammer. Always a scammer. It’s all he knows.
So when Jordan says something, you best do the opposite.


Exactly. The exact opposite.


I like the part int he video where he tells the salepeople he snorts coke to get him energized.
You literally can’t make this shit up.

Shouldn’t he be dead by now?


But he clearly cares about his “followers” :roll_eyes:


Yes, “should” be dead. He must have body guards on hire.


His handlers aren’t done with him just yet. He’s got much FUD to spread on their behalf. #WallStreet #Banksters


Thank you very much for sharing!
That’s… disturbing.