Joining the Galaxy Foundation Private Investment Fund



Out of 100 groups or so, the Galaxy Foundation is easily among the top 5%.


We are a private investment fund not a public “pool group”. The difference is we make sure our members are protected from scams and make sure that only quality participants are invited. As a strategic partner to many ICO’s we provide PR and marketing support. Alone with helping in any way possible to ensure the project succeeds. When the project succeeds we all win. No minimum participation required to stay in the group we just ask that you are active in discussions and if you have any talents that might be of use to help promote ourselves and our ICOs please share them. Other than that it’s up to you what and how often you want to invest.


Limes and team Thanks for all the work on Galaxy foundation. fellow pubbers do check this out if you haven’t yet.


Top team, they deliver great projects, very professional


Thanks for all the good work guys


Yes Galaxy Foundation is the place to be. A very well administered group. I recommend.


been in the group for a while now and it’s really well run, Limes and the other admins do a great job


I’ve joined recently and so far the investment opportunities provided were top quality. Looking forward to the future deals.


Peter, thanks for steering me to Galaxy. It has been a great investing experience with the team over there. I would not have found it without the Pub and your crazy videos😉