Joining mining pools


I know someone who contributed $ in Bitclub Network. Has anyone looked into them? Yes or no?


No. If there were a big operation they would at least maintain a decent website.
Please let us know if it is legit and your experience if you do sign up.


I have been a member since Oct 2017. I have made my initial investment back, but still wondering how legitimate this is due to what happened with Bitconnect, USI and now Genesis mining. I see their mining activity on the blockchain but the referral system makes me go hmmmm? I am not spreading the word as much as I have due to all the legal activity and government intervention lately. Did you join?


Yeh I would get out if you are in the US if you can.


Not yet. I didn’t contribute the money. Still new to crypto and don’t have that much money to risk. Thanks.


There are ways to do it.


Thanks. I didn’t fully join yet.


Sure there are always ways but it doesn’t mean it is safe or legal.