Job interview w veri!


I just had my first SERIOUS Crypto job interview with Veritaseum!!! I totally CRUSHED IT! Tonight Reggie Middleton will be talking about ME!!! Very blessed and humbled! Thanks to @john @peter for showing me a new path and a bright future!!! Fingers CROSSED :crossed_fingers: :pray:t3:


Awesome and good luck to you Jerry! What position are you applying for?


Sales and analytics!!!


That’s great man! Continue to crush it :bitrocket: .


Crush it my man. Your future awaits!


Yo Jerry! A HUGE SINCERE CONGRATS to you and WISH YOU THE BEST! I am also looking for a cryptojob (preferably done remotely). I am no techie and relatively new to the crypto world but really lovin’ it. What kind of interview questions have they asked? I honestly don’t know where to start to build any crypto experiences or know what kind of qualifications they are seeking. I am just trying to read Coindesk, Cointelegraph, Medium, etc., whatever and wherever I can get my hands on. And Peter and John have been so generous with putting out crypto news and their take via Decentralized TV and BiteSizeBitcoin channels. I only suggest Peter/John to not just promote Korean BBQ but Naeng Myeon (Korean cold noodles in chilled broth) to go along with Korean BBQ for this summer. Anyway, happy to hear you crushed it. Anything you can share is truly appreciated.


I have the same thoughts as you


I would try and have a good grasp on the moving parts of Bitcoin and Ethereum so at least you can communicate with techies at a higher level.

Try and have a read of “Mastering Bitcoin” and “Mastering Ethereum” by Andreas Antonopoulos. Even if you dont understand the hardcore tech, try and grasp the ideas and it should serve you well. Also any content on youtube by Andreas is good for education.


Congratulations @Ger313 :rocket:


Firstly understanding btc and blockchain helps, I also have a good grasp of macro economics and macro economic trends. I have a degree in Political Science and I also have a good understanding of retail economics. I studied btc and eth for a year before I did anything. I also started testing, some platforms for bounty’s and reading a TON about crypto every WEEK! LOL! I am also learning python and solidity to develop and eventually make a crypto based on my retail experience! Plus I research new crpytos that are related to the financial services sector and can look at github and see a legitimate code vs bs, there are a lot of good ideas look at solid winners and stay away from ideas that may take more then a few months to get a main net working or a dapp that does something to show they have a mvp that can do something and add value or cross eco-systems!