Ivan on Tech Interview with Richard Heart - BCash, IOTA, BTC Dying, ETH is Shit, and Memes!



Argh, someone in the chat is claiming ICX mainnet was delayed. I can’t handle the stupid…


You’re faster than I Peter! I tried to screen cap that and I was too slow. :rofl:


Can’t beat me. I’m all over this shit. I’m loving this. Popcorn time!


You’re killing my “likes” quote Peter. :slight_smile:


He’s about to blow like that dude in Big Trouble in Little China.


I feel sorry for people watching the Superbowl. This is better!


I think he’s just a few breaks away from being the next unibomber…


This is so fucking great


Oh. Is the superbowl on?

Richard is going HULK MODE! I love it!



Me too. Because the sad truth is he’s attacking the very things that are hurting crypto’s reputation.


i agree that Heart’s communication style is less than award-winning…



When you’re this emotional no one should take you serious.


He should probably be shut down from speaking, cuz style and feelz > all


I kinda want Richard to bust a ROGER and peace the F out.

“Dawg. That’s why we have testnet!”


heart is really frustrated with something in his life


Test Dog Balls!!!


Who else just blew out their iota ?


Good point. There’s a high probability of that at this point. Major props to Ivan for keeping his cool.


I’m still DCA Iota cuz of VW. Luls.