Ivan on Tech Interview with Richard Heart - BCash, IOTA, BTC Dying, ETH is Shit, and Memes!



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Richard cant do this, nor can any single person

Really sad to see such a huge stance change from Richard. I’d love to know the real real truth of what happened.

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"Richard just killed Bitcoin, under 8k now."


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I’ve been out of the loop here for a bit, but has there by chance been any improvement to Richard’s mental health over the past week or so? Hopefully the stabilization in BTC price has lowered his stress levels. The guy looked complete and utterly defeated.


Low numbers for women in crypto, and in particular traders in crypto, probably far less?

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Richard explains why he brings up Byteball, from his interview with Rhett in October of 2017. https://youtu.be/sJAXH2FN9Dc?t=20m0s

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Here’s a direct link. You can cue up a video to specific points using the “?t” URL argument. For example:


Here’s the URL suffix by itself:


tells YouTube to start the video at the 19 minute and 48 second mark.

He actually make an incredibly important point about how most crypto investors, especially those chasing cheap coins, make a massive psychological mistake when looking at a coin with a low price.


Absolutely +1, I use YouTube video timestamp urls so seldomly I just didn’t bother or remember how to. Richard makes some excellent points throughout the conversation (@20mins is one of his most poignant for the average investor, so I left it in with his Byteball point), I wish there were a way to eliminate Rhett’s rambling entirely, he doesn’t add much.

Richard could be credited with backhandedly giving Rhett a push to pursue his next fork. :crystal_ball: timestamped below


I think I may have found why Richard was so upset, and gives a little background to what he may have meant when he said in the interview with Ivan that Bitcoin “… Lost (him?) so much money…” if he was using this strategy during the recent “crash”. @peter was looking a little grey in the face on the livestream Feb 6, I hope he wasn’t using a similar back proven strategy, and instead was still recovering from his bad cold.


I would never short bitcoin or long bitcoin. I just hodl.
I don’t do trades for gainz either. Not worth my time.