Ivan on Tech Interview with Richard Heart - BCash, IOTA, BTC Dying, ETH is Shit, and Memes!



Damn I missed it, sounds like Richie went off the deep end? Or is putting on the best acting job in the history of the world. I don’t want to watch it, anyone care to TL;DR it?


Fuck directly off. Everyone is fucking retarded.


So I take it he’s butthurt.


Yeah, I don’t get this. He’s been talking massive shit about Ethereum for eternity and then says he’s launching his own coin on Ethereum. WTF? Why not NEO if ETH is such a piece of shit as you say it is?

This makes him lose some credibility IMO.


Let me translate for you:

Ethereum takes already complicated contracts and puts them into more complicated programming code. If anything about that complex code is incorrect or buggy then you can lose millions of dollars.

Code is almost never perfect so bugs always come up. The only way to know you have a bug with Ethereum is to irreversibly lose millions of dollars when someone exploits it or the code simply locks up the Ether. Very bad setup.

Ether’s response to this is if you lose millions of dollars using their platform it’s your fault for being an idiot. User error even though this code is extremely complex and nearly impossible to get right the first time unless you’re doing something very simple.


@peter I’d be really interested to see an in-depth video/discussion from you regarding Richard’s stance and what you agree or disagree with when it comes to his current opinion.

You and Richard are two people in the space whose opinion I highly value so it would be interesting to get a transparent optimistic/pessimistic take from you as well.


Richard saying the only good thing for bitcoin is that it is going up (not anymore)… BTC is dying… Wants to issue his own ETH shit ICO. lmao.


That would be pretty difficult since Richard’s stance has been flip flopping lately. He was a rock solid BTC maximalist with a hate for almost all alts until recently. He suddenly became a bear and pessimist and now is launching his coin on Etherium which he has been calling a complete and utter train wreck.

The man has went 180 degrees.


Lol nice tell, ever play poker? He surely hasn’t lol.


Im kinda sad I missed this chat lol I was watching but I was lagging because I was in Starbucks mining Monero


He is getting ETH FOMO because he can’t stand the BTC correction anymore… He is too emotional… probably lost alot of money on BTC recently.


That’s stupid because if he’s been holding then he’s made plenty on BTC. He probably bought around $100 or so.


I agree, it’s a bit of a flip flop, but I also respect Richard’s pragmatism. I think any sound investor (Peter I’m assuming too) knows the pros and cons to any risky bet. There’s tons of stuff I love about Bitcoin and I’ve been hoping for the best since 2014, but I’ve always been fully aware of all the shit that can destroy it as well. The “Honey Badger” analogy is fun and helps us emotionally cope with the ride, but I also believe it can be dangerous to be too blindly faithful or ignorant as well. We have to remember to separate our own beliefs and education on the issue from the rest of the population.

We are in the early days, but it seems Richard seems to think the mainstream public cannot be reached and educated. It’s the same ol’ story; How do we wake people up to realize they are giving away their privacies every day, sacrificing their freedoms, and further enslaving themselves into a system where they are not in control? It’s a pretty difficult task, crypto addresses these issues, but look at the Pizza Hut Superbowl ad that mentioned Bitcoin…that’s all people think about Bitcoin. Being a HODLr for 4 years and watching how much misinformation permeates the general collective consciousness has been frustrating to say the least.


He doesn’t care. He just wants to make money and sees ETH ICOs as his next money play.


I would love a Richard and Peter interview/conversation.

I can’t believe i’m an hour and half into this video… He sold sex toys… really? I wouldn’t have imagined. :troll:

IOTA is dogshit. Didn’t he premise this whole interview about how he was wrong to call Ethererum dogshit. Didn’t he say he felt guilty for losing people money by telling them to avoid Ethereum?


Dude looks like he is into some weird shit.


Yep, the sad truth is that the average person is epically stupid. They are too busy following reality tv shows, drinking, watching football and numbing themselves with video games to learn anything useful. The men only think about their day to day lives attempting to please an unpleaseable wife and kids. The women well, 99.999% of women give no fucks about technology, investment or anything of the sort. They are searching for their next hand bag and shitty mind numbing trash drama to watch.

This makes crypto very difficult to permeate. Too many small minds these days addicted to petty garbage. If this technology came about in the 70’s or 80’s or even 90’s I think far more people would be learning all they can. Twitter, FB, social media and all the instant gratification shit people are given these days is making them far more stupid and lazy than they used to be. Technology is causing a greater divide between the stupid and smart. Although it’s more like the distracted and un-distracted. It is not intelligence.


hmmm…I think we can have constructive conversations in the Pub without making erroneous, misogynistic, generalizations about “99.999%” of women…don’t you? Your off-color remarks are both inaccurate and offensive. Please consider this going forward. Thanks.


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…meanwhile in man-land. “When Lambo?” :drooling_face: