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Hey there, yes, It was regarding Craigmark’s comments and addressing Eldruppen’s question to me.

@Eldruppen go look up “triggered.” I’m sure you’ll find that laying out a clearly articulated response to idiocy does not fall into that category. Congratulations on helping your one female friend and zero male friends! I’m assuming this gives you permission to pull numbers out of a hat? 90%? Where are you even getting these numbers from? Here are some REAL numbers for you. Jesus Christ. I can’t even with some of you in this forum.



You just confirmed being triggered, why even look it up?

I’m giving you a real world example that should show you that real world examples are useless when it comes to making assumptions of how the world is. Maybe you should consider this yourself. You might be in crypto, you might know a female in crypto, but 94% of users inhere is male, and I will bet you that 99,999% of women worldwide has no fucking clue about cryptocurrency/blockchain.

Do I really have to mention that 99,99% of men also don’t have a fucking clue?

This is exactly Craigmak’s point. You’re just sounding like a triggered feminist.

I shouldn’t have to defend parts of HIS statements that I NEVER CLAIMED TO AGREE WITH. But here you have it: I don’t agree that a mans only job is to make his woman happy, or whatever he said.

And your “womenwhotech” link. I just said that “sending a snap is not…” And the very first thing on the website IS EXACTLY THAT.


holy shit shit it’s about to kick off here…

just let it slide guys. not everyone is going to get along in the community.


Not interested in your “bets” or “estimates”. Interested in data. There are hundreds of studies out there with REAL statistics on women in tech. Educate yourself. Or don’t. I don’t care. I’m done.


My very first question to you. I asked you of your honest estimated number of women in crypto.

You completely ignored it.

My estimate? Around 20.000. I actually put thought into it, and wasn’t trying to be a woman-hating idiot.

Pull out a calculator, and see where 20.000 takes you. Age 18-60 or something.


Let’s just move on friends and get back to the topic at hand.


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Oh trust me, that will never happen.


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I still want a badge that says crypto chick and I love the idea of a cape. And as a crypto chick I will endeavor to encourage and educate other chicks to de-mystify and embrace the world of crypto. Because not all chicks have the balls to jump in, at least that is the case in my world. Shit, I still have dumb friends re-marrying for a ‘pay-check’…idiots. But true. (nothing against marriage, love marriage…love love)

@john - description: And as a crypto chick I believe in the future of crypto and have personally benefitted from investing, am committed to continuing to invest and continuing my deep dive in learning. I will endeavor to encourage and educate other chicks to de-mystify and embrace the world of crypto.


I appreciate ALL of the women (AND MEN) who are in this place.

Let’s keep it civil and nice and a little disruptive.

Ad-hominem attacks aren’t helpful. At all.

Frankly, the best conversations I’ve had in years have come from the people here in the Pub, I don’t want that to change!!!

If you’re unaware of the what you signed up for when you entered this forum, make sure to check out this:


Wow, had a public meeting at the county doing my everyday intelligent environmental engineering things all morning while simultaneously giving a thousand fucks about technology and my crypto investments and I see I missed a few things in the pub!

I am proudly female and see no shame in SLAYing the feminine form, because not only am I a capable, independent, intelligent, fierce, skydiving, Harley and crotch-rocket riding, danger loving, chainsaw wielding, pleasure seeking, financially focused woman, I also value a good man. I value the qualities that both men and women bring to this world. I don’t give two fucks about what gender a person is as long as you’re genuine, authentic, and compassionate towards other humans. I’m also not afraid to get into a pissing match with a man that thinks his gender automatically makes him better than me by whatever metrics he’s narrowing down the contest to. Hold my beer and watch this. It’s more than likely going to end with him getting pwned. And he’ll walk away with a smile probably too, I make it fun dammit. It’s irksome when generalizations are applied to others based on one’s personal experience with an individual that caused them pain that is not representative of the rest of us.

Men are amazing. Women are amazing. Each bring amazing and different qualities to our lives. Together we are even better. Respect the similarities and the differences, delight in them. Have compassion for each other. Anything less is not living.


Is it possible for me to upvote this 9000x? Damn girl. I love you.1353020154361_4008596


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SO MUCH LOVE :heart::heart::heart:

Love the PUB fam. Each and everyone. Including Hans.

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