Ivan on Tech Interview with Richard Heart - BCash, IOTA, BTC Dying, ETH is Shit, and Memes!



I think I missed the part where you portrayed men badly. Was it the part where they have to please their unpleasable wives?

You were rightfully called out. Don’t be such a snowflake about it. Grow a pair and except the valid-as-fuck criticism.


Just listening only provides half the story of the communication. Body language makes up 55%. He seemed like he was making a lot of his story up the whole time. I 'm not disagreeing with Ivan being there to torment him. I just thought nearly every word he said he was lying. He also contradicts himself from 30 days ago. I’ll agree to disagree.


Richard Hart’s primary complaint as stated is “the only reason people were investing in bitcoin was that the price was going up.” While true, this is not a unique phenomenon. For all the different stories, charts and calculations people like to tell on Wall Street, the reason most people invest in a equity is only because the price is going up. This means both good and bad equites pump. All the while some great companies with fantastic products never see their stock price move appreciably at all. Such is the nature of investing.

To provide some context consider Amazon, the most cited reference when discussing bitcoins prospects.A quick visit to the historical price chart will shed some light on what we are currently experiencing. Few remember That Amazon went public October 20, 1995 under the name Cadabra, a book company in world where access to books was ubiquitous. It languished around for two years before Jeff Bezos rebranded it under the name Amazon and IPO at $18 a share. It rapidly rose to nearly $100 per share before collapsing to $6 it did not reach the $100 level again until the housing crisis and again it crashed nearly 50% in 2010 before getting on to its meteoric rise. Just as will some bitcoiners today, you can bet there is some poor sap crying in his coffee about missing out on Amazon because he bought at $6 and sold at $60 even though he made 10x, a goal the most successful investors only see a few times in their careers.

So where does this leave all the rest of us? Well first we should be reminded that great transitions require time. The “overnight Amazon millionaires” were made over 20 years. Becoming one of those millionaires took an amazing amount of intestinal fortitude and undying belief that Amazon was doing something that no one else could accomplish. You have to decide first if you are that kind of person and second if you have that degree of conviction. If not, cash out now enjoy the gains you have made, and don’t look back.


How many women are in the crypto space then, by your estimates?

I’m genuinely interested to hear your perspective.

0,001% of the women in the world (around age 20-50?) doesn’t sound way off.

Instead of getting upset about his “99,999%”, I think we can all agree that he do have a point. The majority of the world are fucking clueless. Both men and women.


Here ya go champ. Reading helps understand things. You didn’t think I was referring to women when I stated watching football, drinking and video games did you? I also explained the reason everyone is useless and it has nothing do with gender.

The snowflakes are feminists, not men who are being crushed by our current social norms. It is all summed up by the phrase “Happy wife happy life” which is currently so prevalent in our society. It represents everything that is wrong with our society gender wise. It shows that no consideration is ever given to the happiness or well being of men. Men must create happiness for women and are also responsible for their own.

This saying is not a joke, it is real. It is the true sentiment of this society currently. A bit off topic but I had to reply.

To elaborate I am by no means a woman hater, I it is our society. Society is 50% men. Men are 50% responsible for allowing these horribly lopsided and biased norms to exist.


I’ll give you stats.

Currently the stats I have are (when it comes to crypto)

94% male. Between 22-45.
Based off of google analytics on our sites.


Facts. I love it! …


Doge percentage?
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Interesting, why do you think that could be Peter?


That would be approx ~99% of all Pub members. Slowly evolving into little :doge:



The interesting thing is…

What’s the best way to grow then? Obviously it is to get more women involved.


I can give theories:

  • Risky behavior
  • Love of danger
  • Pleasure in risk
  • Financially focused


Not a doge… FAIL :grin: #purist


Which is why i’m so happy we have such great (positive) women in the Pub!
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Oh shit you forgot bosslady, you’re in trouble :smiley:


Look at social media growth trends and you will find your answer.


Or you could be awesome and post a link! :+1:


Here ya go!